Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today has been a great day so far, and it’s only going to get better! 

First… a bump shot.  (I know that I really need to get someone else to take these pictures, and I will start doing that just as soon as Amazon ships me my camera charger.  My nice camera has been collecting dust for the past 4 months because I can’t charge it, and I just kept thinking the charger would show up…. but no such luck.  Meanwhile facebook and Pinterest are full of pictures like this one….which is really cute, simple, and creative, yet I am just not doing it.  I don’t know this girl by the way, but each week she posts a new picture and they are all just adorable.  Finding her made me want to run out, buy a huge chalkboard and start copying.  But I guess I’m lazy and I don’t have a giant cute chalkboard, so it will have to wait.)

This is at 24 weeks plus a few days… so just a smidge more than 6 months. And according to the girl I’m stalking up there, Poppyseed is the size of an ear of corn!

I have to tell you how happy I am that I found that shirt.  It is absolutely my favorite maternity shirt that I have tried on.  And you know where I found it? 

This super fancy, very snobby, very high-end boutique… called….


Ha.  Yes, it’s true, the best maternity shirts (in my inexperienced opinion) really are at good ole Target and they are only $20.  I bought two and I have a feeling I’ll be back for more.  It’s the only fitted top I’ve tried on that actually gives me shape without being too tight.  And it’s soooo soft.  And, the strings on the side let you play with the length.  So many maternity shirts are super long, and if they are long on me I can only imagine what people under 5’8” would feel like.

Well today we are having some of our friends over to hang out.  I’m really excited.  I really wanted to do something fun for NYE.  My dear friend Anna is busy playing with her new lover boy in Louisiana, and she recently informed me that “No one wants to hang out with a pregnant chick on NYE anyway.” 

(Anna and I are so mean to each other, it’s really just weird and funny at the same time.  She’d get hit by a bus for me though, so don’t judge her.)

Anyway, so she is tied up and I haven’t heard of anyone having an actual party or anything like that.  I was talking to my other really good friend Johanna, who also didn’t have plans, and we decided to just do something low key together.  So in about an hour, her crazy family of four will be showing up at our doorstep for a day in the country and a sleepover.  This is Jo with her munchkins… Addison (3) and Watson (18 months).

Addison and Watson are frequent flyers over here in Cat Spring.  Addison is really turning into a little cowgirl, she loves riding horses with Oatmeal! 

This is a picture of Oatmeal and Addison from a few months ago… man do they look cool with that cell phone and that sideways cap.

Addison is really a wild child by nature, but put her on a horse and she completely changes her entire demeanor!  It’s amazing how horses can calm a child.  She understands how important it is to be still and listen to the adults.  She is totally in tune to her surroundings and the horses the entire time she rides, and she never asks to get off!  I’m telling you, every kid should ride horses at least sometimes.  It’s such a good experience.

Also coming over tonight are Jessica and Will (and you can also read about them by clicking on the Success Story tab above).  So that means 6 adults and 2 kiddos sleeping at Casa de Griffin tonight.

Don’t you like how I’m just ripping random pictures of my friends off of Facebook and putting them here?  I just love that pic of them, which was taken this past summer at their wedding… they look SOOOO happy!

I like to paint a detailed picture for all 3 of you readers.

And the fun doesn’t end there!  Tomorrow, my awesome friend Kat is coming over for breakfast.  She is bringing her two pups (pictured with her below).  BUT… I’m super excited because she will also have a new guy with her, and I’m so anxious to meet him!  Kat is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and I have actually never known her to date anyone steadily since I became friends with her over 2 years ago. So when she told me she was bringing over her new beaux (yes, I just sounded like my grandma), I was immediately very curious. 

So today will just be full of kids, dogs, friends, cooking, and fun.  Maybe even a trail ride or two.

Maybe even a sip of tequila for the non-pregos.  Me?  I may live on the wild side and have a cup of hot chocolate.

Happy New Year!

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