Baby Middle is 8 Months Old

I know I just wrote a novel about Baby Middle’s illness last week, but I can’t ignore the calendar – it’s also time for a post about his 8 month milestones!

It's time to talk about my main (little) man.

It’s time to talk about my main (little) man.

I just read the blog post that I wrote when Poppyseed turned 8 months old.  I was just laughing and shaking my head, because I truly do think that God gave me opposite babies.  Funny how that happens, and even funnier that I am and continue to be surprised that they are developing so differently.

Anyhoo, at 8 months….

  • Baby Middle is probably seconds away from crawling across the room for the first time.  It seems like he has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth for a while, but he has yet to actually take off.  He’s so, so, so very close!IMG_1710_2
  • Instead of crawling, he pulls up on EVERYTHING.  Once up he loves to bounce, shuffle his feet back and forth, and reach for whoever is nearby – usually me.


  • He is getting his first two teeth right now.  I think this probably has something to do with the onset of his double ear infection.  Tooth swelling + all of the spring pollen in the air = way too much fluid in those little ears?  I’m happy to report that at this moment we have not had any nursing issues relating to the teething.  (Thank the Lord!)
  • Speaking of eating, he definitely prefers to eat in small amounts a zillion times a day over sitting down and enjoying fewer large meals.  I am battling this all the time because I really just don’t have the time (or desire) to nurse him every 1-2 hours on top of feeding him solids.  Right now he nurses when he wakes up between 6-7am, again around 9:30-10am, 12pm, 2:30pm, and 5:30pm.  I could probably drop the 9:30am feeding because it’s more of a snack anyway, but I like to top him off before we go to the gym or run errands so that he is in a good mood.
  • Yesterday was the first day I actually fed him solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Usually mornings are busy, and since he is nursing so much in the morning I just didn’t see much reason to make him a solid breakfast.  So yesterday I made him a mixture of banana, pumpkin, and coconut oil for breakfast.  Lunch is usually avocado, boiled egg yolk, or a vegetable such as beets, carrots, or sweet potato.  Dinner is usually a vegetable and a bit of pureed meat.   (I am just making sure to always serve either a fat or protein with every meal.  So if I don’t have any meat or egg on hand, I add coconut oil to whatever I do have… banana, potato, whatever.)  I’ve begun putting small pieces of food on his high chair, but he hasn’t begun to feed himself yet.  It’s hard to say which solid foods would be his favorite because he usually only wants a few bites.  Sometimes I mash banana and avocado together, and he does seem to love it.
  • He is always squawking and muttering – he communicates very well for a human without real speech!
  • He still takes a pacifier, though he could really take it or leave it.  It seems to help him calm down a little bit when he is fussy, but by no means does he reach for it on his own.


  • We bathe him by 6:30pm and put him to bed by 7pm each night.  He sleeps well, but sometimes he wakes up at 10pm or so.  As of this month Oatmeal is able to get him down by just returning his pacifier or rearranging him in his crib, and then he sleeps until 4am or later, at which point I nurse him and put him back down.  He’s up between 6am-7am for the day, with one nap about 1.5 hours after he wakes up and another at about 12:45pm.  His first nap is usually only 45 minutes on average, and his second is roughly an hour and a half.


  • He weighs 21lbs 8oz, is 28.5 inches long, and his head circumference is 18.5 inches.  He’s a big boy, with a big head, for sure!
  • His best friend in the whole world is obviously his sister.  They love each other so very much.  It’s pretty fun to watch.

They seem to never grow tired of swinging together, and rarely am I allowed to push him.


I don’t let her feed him, but she insists on supervising.


So much swinging. So happy about it.


The hand on the head is their signature pose.

She gets cashews, he gets a toothbrush.  It works.

She gets cashews, he gets a toothbrush. It works.

I have something to add, and I’m just going to be honest.  The first six months of having two children, for me, was very difficult.  There were certainly wonderful moments and plenty of good days, but overall it was just sort of touch and go.  I was actually very sad at times because it was so difficult to hit my stride.  Before Middle was born I felt like motherhood was awesome 99% of the time, and after he was born, well, it was just plain hard.  The hardest week of my mommy career was hands down when Oatmeal left on a business trip when Middle was 3 weeks old and Poppyseed got sick.  That really shook me up and messed with my confidence.  Then he began having issues with reflux, and no one slept for more than 1.5-2 hours at a time for months.  That literally tested every fiber of my being!  At 6 months his sleep slightly improved, and I think that’s when I began to brighten up a little bit.  And even more recently I feel like “the old me” – the person who I think that I really am – has come back to life.  I feel like the girl and mom who sees the good over the bad, who laughs when someone blows out of their diaper, who truly enjoys the daily tasks of dressing and feeding and playing and changing little people’s clothes over… and over… and over again.  I do the same thing day after day after day.  But it makes me happy, and I am thankful to be doing it.

The mom whose heart could literally burst with love for her kids… that mom is back.  Oatmeal says that it is directly related to when I began going back to Crossfit again, and maybe he is right.  I don’t really care, I am just happy to be back on track.

I once told someone that having a baby was knowing what it was to feel true happiness.  I said something like, “I’ve had great moments with family, with friends, and at work.  I mean really great moments where I knew I was just as satisfied as I could possibly be.  But then I had Poppyseed, and suddenly I had moments every week where my heart was so full that it could explode.  So if I had to describe having a baby it would be to feel so happy that you could literally burst.”  And I am so thankful to feel that way again.

I love spending time with my two babies, both separately and together, and I can even picture adding another one to our family.

Just not yet.  Ha.  I’m still a little gun shy.

So, happy 8 months to Middle, and welcome back, Lola.

John Rapsilver Griffin - 8 Months Old

John (Johnny) Rapsilver Griffin – 8 Months Old

Oatmeal and Middle on Easter Sunday

Oatmeal and Middle on Easter Sunday

Middle and Cousin Thomas Roy in their swanky matching polo shirts.

Middle and his cousin Thomas Roy in their swanky matching polo shirts.

Someone still loves his baths!

Someone still loves his baths!

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