Lola plans for Baby Poppyseed!

Well, I said I’d wait until I was 6 months pregnant, and past the holidays, before I’d begin on Poppyseed’s nursery. 

Meaning… the time has (almost) come!

So… for my next post, I’m going to post some things that have caught my eye over the past 6 months or so. 

Today, however, I have to do a little rambling about the people who STILL insist on telling me I am crazy for not finding out the sex of my baby.  People are so stinkin’ surprised when they realize that we are waiting until the birth.  It is so funny to me!  I mean, what does the sex of the baby really tell you?  The sex does not tell you if the baby will be born on its due date…. or be smart…. or healthy…. or have a full head of hair…. or be a good sleeper…. or get an ear infection…. or like bananas. 

I mean, really.  In the grand scheme of things, how important IS knowing the sex of the child before the child is born?

Now… please let me clarify.  I am most certainly not implying anything negative of parents who do choose to learn the sex of their baby during the pregnancy.  Most of my friends find out the sex during their second trimester, and that is awesome.  I don’t think they are weak, impatient, or control freaks.  I just think, “Their pregnancy, their choice!”  I’m happy for them either way.  I’m also lucky, because even my close friends who are also pregnant and have already learned the sex of their baby still tell me that they think it’s really cool that Oatmeal and I are waiting for the big surprise. 

It’s the random strangers and acquaintances who really crack me up with their reactions!  They just can not believe it!  The comment that I seem to hear over, and over, and over again is the following:

Oh my gosh, you aren’t finding out?  Wow, I don’t know how you are doing that.  I guess I’m such a planner, if it were me I would just have to know.

The part that gets me every time is this part…. “I’m such a planner.”

 I mean, do these people think I’m just sitting back and waiting for my kid to pop out so that I can say, “Oh, now that the baby is here and I know that it’s a boy, I can finally go read that book What to Expect When I’m Expecting!”  Because you know, that book would have been completely useless to me had I read it before knowing the gender!

Since finding out I am pregnant, I have:

  • Located and selected an obstetrician.
  • Gone to each and every scheduled doctors appointment.
  • Told my family and friends of our pregnancy.
  • Read 2 books about childbirth.
  • Read 2 books about nursing.
  • Read 2 books about pregnancy.
  • Read 1 book about how to get babies to sleep.
  • Purchased and borrowed many, many, many more books that I still need to read.
  • Watched a DVD series on how to do baby basics (diaper changing, infant bathing, etc.)
  • Registered for baby items.
  • Researched and selected a day care.
  • Registered for childbirth classes.
  • Registered for baby CPR.
  • Selected and met with a lactation consultant, and arranged for her to visit me at the hospital when Poppyseed is born.
  • Chosen a crib.
  • Chosen a changing table.
  • Bought a stroller.
  • Bought and begun filling out a baby book.
  • Had the nursery painted.
  • Called my employer’s HR department and registered for maternity benefits.
  • Researched pediatricians in my area.
  • Purchased 10lbs of natural herbs to make my own pregnancy and labor herbal teas.
  • Purchased tons of essential oils and made my very own chemical free, paraben free lotions.
  • Discussed COUNTLESS baby names with my husband.
  • Spent countless hours online reading parenting blogs.
  • Spent countless hours listening to parenting podcasts.
  • Set up the baby’s future college fund.

Okay, so…. in case anyone out there that said, “Oh I’d have to know so that I can plan….” 

I mean, seriously.  What do you think I’ve been doing over here?

I mean, part of me gets it.  You all want to know: Pink or Blue?  And you all think I’m going to be stuck with green or yellow from floor to ceiling.  But here is what I’ll tell you.

I don’t want green.

I don’t want yellow.

I don’t want pink.

I don’t want blue.

I just want neutral.  I do not want any bright colors at all.  I don’t want the colors of the rainbow.  I don’t want it to look like Crayola exploded in my kid’s room.  I just want soft, muted, basic colors.  I guess I’m just boring!  I have never had the cutest house, or the most “designed” room.  I guess I just like everything to be really soft and peaceful, you know? I chose to paint the room ivory.  I almost painted it a very light grey, but thought that the next person who lived in this home would probably prefer something more traditional.  In terms of bedding, I can’t decide if I want grey sheets in the crib, or ivory/dove crib sheets.  I do want a gender appropriate quilt or blanket, which I will probably have Anna or Joanie order for me the day of the birth.  If it’s a girl, I’ll have them order a really pale lilac blanket, and if it’s a boy, I’ll have them order a very very pale blue blanket.  And I do mean pale.  See the blankets in the pictures below?  Something like this.  Look at the blankets that are strewn across the crib.  Imagine very light grey or ivory sheets with either of those blankets.

I can easily have a friend order the colored blanket with my credit card right after Poppyseed is born, and I will wash it in my chemical-free, baby-safe washing detergent when I get home from the hospital.  You aren’t supposed to put your baby to sleep in a crib with a blanket covering it when it’s that young and tiny anyway.

So… yeah.  I’m planning!  See?  See?  It’s totally possible.

Stay tuned for nursery musings… that will be next time! 

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