Middle Baby is 1 Year Old

My little boy recently turned 1.  I mean, I cannot even believe we made it this far.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Middle was a tough baby.  On one hand I feel a bit guilty admitting that because all in all he was and is a healthy kid, and that’s all we are supposed to ask for, right?  I should be thankful that he is here and glad to have the ability to have a baby boy and I certainly should be glad he’s healthy.

But in all reality, having a baby that doesn’t sleep for the better part of a year is pretty tough.  And I’m so glad that we have finally gotten to a point where I can say, “I’m getting some decent sleep and he is a really enjoyable kid!”  It’s true.  He’s an awesome little guy and I am really loving the whole boy mom thing.

A few milestones:

Middle started walking between 11-12 months.  He’d taken a few steps here and there, but by 1 he was really walking steadily!


He had 6 teeth on his 1st birthday.  4 on the top and 2 on the bottom!

His bedtime is 7:15ish and he sometimes sleeps all the way until 4am-5am.  After he eats he sleeps until 6:45am.   He takes a nap in the morning around 8:30am (1-2 hours) and another one in the afternoon at 1:00pm (1.5 hours).

His temperament is pretty… intense.  Let me put it this way, Middle Baby is LOUD.  If he has a feeling, he will express it.  His voice travels and he isn’t afraid to use his ability to alert anyone in his presence that he would like some attention.  I mean, words don’t do him justice.  He gets his way most of the time, just sayin’!


Middle still nurses, but only a few times a day.   It’s usually right when he wakes up in the morning and then again after his afternoon nap.  Sometimes I nurse him again at night, though that’s rare.  My nursing relationship with Middle is so different than Poppyseed.  Middle nurses purely for nourishment, and when he’s done he is done!

Otherwise his appetite is KILLER.  He is always hungry, and the kid requires a lot of calories!  If we don’t feed him meat at every meal he is downright angry because he doesn’t get enough to eat.  His favorites are ground beef, avocado, grapes, scrambled eggs, roasted broccoli, sweet potato, salmon….really just about anything I put in front of him!


There’s a pretty amazing mother/son bond.  I can already tell that I’m going to be easier on him than I am on Poppyseed.  I love my little girl but I think that I have all of these expectations of how I want her to grow up as a young lady.  That just makes me really focus on teaching her manners, abiding by rules, etc.  It’s totally different with Middle because he ‘s a boy.  He just has my softer side.  It will be interesting to see how this evolves over time!



Our little guy still takes a pacifier, which I love.  I know it’s probably not cute to other people, but the sight of my baby with that paci in his mouth is the cutest thing ever to this mama.  Both of my kids rejected pacifiers as babies but I essentially forced it on them (nursing mom motivation) and am so glad I did.  It calms him to have his pacifier and he sleeps sooooo much better with hit!

He also has a lovey.  It’s a brown horse blanket, and he LOVES it.  He grunts into it and chews it when he is tired and falling asleep.  If he gets hurt, he screams until we locate the lovey and relaxes as soon as he’s able to rub it against his own cheeks.  I mean, I die.  It’s so adorable.

Middle really never stops moving.  Oatmeal nicknamed him “The Destroyer” long ago, and for good reason.  He pretty much wrecks everything in his path!  Not only does he walk, but he already runs.  Not only does he climb things, but he can open doors.  I now realize that all of the people who told us that girls and boys are totally different were absolutely right.  He breaks things for fun, I swear!


Two things seem to calm down Middle.  Food and the garage.  If he’s running around the house, yelling and pulling on my legs, I do one of two things.  I either give him a raw carrot (often accompanied by a bath) or I open the door to the garage and let him go.  This little man has a thing for anything with wheels and can truly spend an hour playing on our lawn mower.  I mean, before you judge me, I can get a whole meal cooked while he plays on that thing!



If he doesn’t get outdoors every day then I had better be prepared for a messy house, because he really does need to move.  He’s a lot like his sister in that regard.  I take those two anywhere and everywhere.  She loves him so much, but I think he’d like a bit more space sometimes.



I will write some more fun facts about our Middle soon, but he is just the most fun baby right now.  I love him more than I can even express, in the same amount and yet different ways than I love his sister.  I’m lucky to be his mom.  Happy birthday sweet Middle.

Our family of 4 in August 2015.

Our family of 4 in August 2015.



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