Middle Boy is 18 Months Old

Well, actually 18.5.  I’ll begin this post by stating the obvious…

I don’t post or blog nearly enough.  But tonight I just HAD to, because we are in such as sweet spot.  This blog is going to be primarily about Baby Middle, who we now refer to as Middle Boy, but I have to mention that both kids are in such a fun stage.  Poppyseed is 3.5 (almost 4) and Middle Boy is 18 months. These two kiddos are becoming real playmates!  If you ask Poppyseed who her best friend is, she says Middle every time.  She loves to run into his room first thing in the morning when she hears him on the monitor, and his face absolutely lights up when he sees her.  They play and “talk” all the time.


Now there is certainly all of the fighting and bickering that one would expect from such young siblings, but I don’t feel like that’s a big surprise.  Overall they are literally the sweetest to each other, and it’s something I really want to remember.



But, let’s focus on Middle Boy.  He is absolutely all boy.  Let’s just start out by talking about the way he looks.  He is SOLID.  I don’t know exactly how much he weighs, but he looks heavier than other kids his age, and I know he is taller than most kids 18-24 year olds.  He’s just a thick, strong, big kid.  He carries himself like a man.  He plays in the dirt and climbs things like a man.  He’s aggressive… he’ll walk up to children larger than him and push them in the chest as a “hello.”  (I try, I really do… I probably say, “Be gentle, be nice,” 100 times a day.)  He is a boy for sure.




Speaking of men, Middle Boy eats like he is a 25 year old Olympic athlete.  Every morning he shovels down about three eggs scrambled with a little bit of cheese and kale, 2 or 3 natural sausage links, handfuls of fresh fruit, and the occasional organic sprouted corn tortilla.  I don’t mean some of that, I mean that he eats ALL OF THAT every single morning.  This is after I give him a full glass of whole milk, and even that is given to him after he nurses.  (Yes, he’s still nursing – 18 months was my goal – wahoo!  Let the weaning begin!)  He does basically the same thing at lunch or dinner.  I can always count on him to eat 1, but not 2, of his veggies at dinner.  I swear he’s just mentally torturing me and keeping me on my toes by mowing down his broccoli and ignoring his sweet potatoes on Monday night just to reverse that on Tuesday night.  He also loves to shovel sauerkraut into his mouth by the fist full.

I have to admit that when he turned a year old I started shopping for a good organic rice and  organic potatoes pretty regularly, because these cheaper “filler foods” help keep the grocery bill down!  He will break us with his stomach.


Middle is busy.  He is moving all the time.  His favorite activities are (shocker) to be outside, either with a horse or a rope.  In fact, he carries a rope around inside of our house most of the time.  My sister in law, Bree, commented recently that we are obviously brainwashing him.  What she meant was that this boy has more books and toys about horses than most people would consider to be normal, and she’s right!


He runs around the house roping toys, feet, his sister, or anything within reach.  I got out of the shower this morning to find him outside dragging our lab across the yard with a rope.


Oatmeal always takes the kids horseback riding on the weekends, and we laugh at how serious Middle gets when he sees the horses.  At this age, Poppyseed would have a look of pure joy on her face, whereas Middle gets kind of “in the zone” when riding.  I’m certain this is a fair way to predict the way he will act in the future as well…


Middle is really coordinated.  He can climb onto furniture with ease, and tries to get away with it pretty often.  It’s not unusual for me to come out of my bedroom and find him standing on the coffee table with a sword.  He pushes stools and chairs around the house so that he can reach whatever is on the counter tops.  This is definitely a stage of setting boundaries… while trying not to laugh.


Last month we started going to a Mommy and Me gymnastics class.  While it’s easy to say that a mother shouldn’t compare the behavior of two of her children, it’s just plain impossible not to.  I laughed to myself at the memory of Poppyseed loving every minute of her first baby gymnastics class.  Middle, however, was completely skeptical during his first 3 classes.  He insisted on using his pacifier, and stared down the teacher and kids.  Now he loves it and runs around like a wild Indian for the whole 50 minutes, but there was definitely a warming up process!


Last month I let Middle run around the house naked for a day in an attempt to see how “aware” he was of his bathroom skills.  Er, let’s just say that at that point in time he was NOT aware.  Oatmeal tried his hand on the following day, but by Day 3 we were 100% back to diapers.  This week I tried again and am shocked at how much more he is understanding.  He went #1 in his little potty three times in the last 24 hours, and then this morning he patted his bottom until I took off his pants and diaper and even went #2 in there!  Actually, it’s 8pm and he just ran over to me and signaled that he had to go, and then sat on his potty and peed!  This has me asking myself if I am ready to actually potty train him.  Poppyseed was 15-16 months old when I potty trained her, but she was my ONLY kid, so it was doable to watch her like a hawk and take her to the bathroom every 30 minutes for the first few weeks to avoid accidents.  With two kids, I just don’t know if I am ready for that kind of commitment yet.   We shall see….

IMG_9987This kid also really, really likes books.  He will sit in my lap for as long as I will read to him.  Oatmeal reads to the kids all the time, and I fill in the gaps during the day with storytime.



IMG_8474The picture above will forever make me smile.  Poppyseed walked over to me and said, ““MOMMY GWIFFIN, you forgot to cwean up this BIG MESS that Middle Boy made!!!”  ‘Tis true, he does this daily as he “reads.”


The thing I am the most thankful for is Middle’s sleep.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again or a hundred times more…. the first 9ish months of his life were the hardest of my life due to the constant sleeping in only 2 hour intervals.  I am very, very thankful that he sleeps so well now.  Middle goes to bed at 7:30pm (on average) and sleeps until at least 5am.  Sometimes he stirs around 5am when Oatmeal is getting ready for work, so Oatmeal goes into his room quickly to get him back down.  Most mornings he sleeps past 6am.  On some very glorious occasions, he sleeps until 7am.  It is HEAVEN…heaven I tell ya.


Middle still loves a MAM pacifier and must have his lovey to go to sleep.  I am not kidding when he say he must have it… there have been occasions where he lost it and didn’t sleep all night.  On those rare occasions you’ll find me frantically searching the house, or even driving 60 miles at 9pm to pick it up from wherever it was left.  No amount of rocking or snuggling or singing does the trick if lovey is missing…. therefore we now own THREE identical loveys.  (Thank you, Amazon.)  It’s okay if you judge us for that.  Just know that before we were parents, Oatmeal fun of a friend’s toddler for carrying around a lovey all the time.  What goes around, comes around.


The bond I have with Middle is so similar and yet so different than that of my bond with Poppyseed.  I love them the same amount, and yet there are different feelings and expectations with each.  I honestly think I’m a little harder on Poppyseed because I have so many expectations of what a young lady should be.  With this baby boy, I’m just a ball of mush.  It’s just the opposite with Oatmeal’s feelings toward our kids, so I am thankful we have one another to balance this out!

Thank you for reading my sappy and rambling recap of this boy’s life.  He’s a mess, and being his mom is one of the most entertaining gifts of my life!  I’ll finish this post with a few more shots of my clan at the park, at Disneyworld, and just living the good life.





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