Lola always has enjoyed making Christmas lists.

I used to LOVE making my Christmas list for Santa.  I believed in Santa Claus until I was about 16.  (I’m actually not exaggerating TOO much.)  I was definitely sad to find out that he wasn’t really making the rounds around the world in one night.  I can’t wait to continue this tradition with Poppyseed and any Poppyseed IIs, IIIs, or IVs after that.  Every time I hear about families who don’t participate in the Santa Claus tradition, I really admire them for focusing instead on Jesus Christ and Christianity. 

But then I think, “I love Jesus but I love Santa, too!” 

Ha.  To each their own.

But like I was saying, making my Christmas list was always fun.  I just like making lists in general.  So I’m going to make one today, too.  Because you know, no one really asks 27 year olds for Christmas lists.  And to be honest, I don’t need any of this stuff.  Absolutely all of it falls into the “Nice to Have” category, because I obviously have all of the things I need in life, plus lots more.

Lola’s Christmas List!

1. A Keurig! 

Okay, I’ve been really wanting one of these things for a long time.  But, I was afraid to ask because Oatmeal is really old-school and only likes to make coffee in percolators.  Since he is awake first anyway, he makes the coffee and I get a cup of it when I wake up.  But lately our percolator is acting as if it’s on its last leg, and plus with me drinking decaf nowadays, it would be really awesome to be able to brew one cup at a time!  So long story short, next time I have a little extra cash, I am getting one of these!  Maybe they’ll be on sale after Christmas….

2. A new bath robe.

I have always worn bath robes at home.  I really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to.  But, lately I’ve noticed that Oatmeal looks at me funny when I wear my old one.  Maybe it’s because it’s hot pink.  Maybe it’s because it’s really ragged and covered in stains and ripped in several places.  Either way, I should probably get a new one.  This one I saw at Pottery Barn is perfect.  It’s terry cloth material, so it’s just like wrapping up in a real bath towel, and not that fluffy plush fabric that feels super soft but makes me sweat. 

3. Boots!

I have been on the lookout for a pair of brown boots that are comfortable and stylish.  The heel on these Cole Haans are 3.5 inches, which is a little taller than what I’d normally wear on the weekends, but they are so cute!  I’ll keep looking… or maybe I’ll hit the outlet malls on December 26th and just buy these. 

4.  Behold… the cutest diaper bag ever.

I finally found a diaper bag that (in my humble opinion) looks nothing like a diaper bag.  Actually, one of my childless friends found it for me…go figure, my best friend who is so far from having kids would actually make it her own mission to find me a diaper bag.  She was traveling one weekend, saw a young mom carrying a baby and a super cute bag, and asked her where she got it because she knew I was on a mission to find something that’s not cloth, not covered in polka dots or swirls, not a backpack, etc.  The brand is called Timi and Leslie and Anna said she is buying me a diaper bag from there before Poppyseed arrives.  So, check that off the list!

5. A watch.

Okay, this is when I know that I’m really just looking for things to “want” because I have never worn a watch.  Furthermore, I’ve never actually looked at my wrist and thought, “Dang I really want to look at the time and I wish I had a watch!”  But when I’m walking through the Macy’s department store and I see these Michael Kors watches, I always think, “Man I really need a watch!”  And then… I never think about them again until next Christmas.

6. Lululemon workout wear.

This is probably something I’ll get myself AFTER I have Poppyseed.  Maybe I’ll make a goal for myself…. “Lose the baby weight and reward myself with a Lulu outfit!”  I’ve never bought any of their clothes, but I really like the way it looks on other girls that I see wearing it.  It is always fitted, flattering, and practical for workouts like Crossfit, but stylish enough to wear it out and about while running errands, too.

7.  Steak Knives.

I found these on Anthropologie, and I really like them.  I like the idea of having steak knives that don’t look like traditional flatware.  These are both interesting and functional.

8. Audiobooks.

Classics, fiction, biographies, how-tos… I really don’t care.  I spend so much time in the car, I could’ve read every book published since 2001 by now if only I had a new audiobook arrive at my door every 24 hours.

9.  Bedroom furniture.

Oatmeal and I have a teeny tiny bedroom.  In it we have a really nice mattress, a laundry hamper, and my old IKEA nightstands and dresser.  The nightstands have dog teeth marks in them, and the dresser I bought for 200 bucks when I was 19.  To be honest, I don’t mind any of it much, but I do look forward to the day when we actually OWN a house and have a big master bedroom that we furnish with nice, rustic, durable furniture.  However, if Santa Claus decided to go ahead and deliver this bedroom set from Restoration Hardware this Christmas, I’d figure out a way to squeeze it into our room SOMEHOW.  🙂

And last…. but not least….

10. A pair of good Aviator sunglasses, that don’t bend or break easily.

What can I say, Oatmeal thinks I look cute in aviators, and I like to look cute for Oatmeal.  One day I’ll buy a pair that lasts more than a few weeks.

Welp, enough superficial desires for tonight.  I’m going to go bother my husband now.

Merry Christmas!

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