Poppyseed is FOUR…and other things.

Last month, my first born child turned four.  FOUR.  4.

Did you know – 4 is not a baby?  4 is not a toddler.  A four year old is a full blown kid.

This. Is. Too. Much.


She has opinions.  About EVERYTHING.

She argues like a 12 year old.  Half of the time, she actually has a point.  The way this child can snap at me makes my HEAD SPIN.  I discipline her on her tone, all the while wondering in my head if that smart mouth may actually serve her well in the real world… if she can only learn to control it.  If she can learn to tame it and use it when it’s needed, that confidence and refusal to be intimidated may very well be a good thing.


She likes her hair curled or braided.  She asks me daily if she can wear her hair down.  Sometimes the answer is yes and she runs around with stringy hair.  “Crazy Hair Don’t Care,” we call it.  She wants to wear dresses no matter what the weather is like and regardless of our plan.  Pants?  NO WAY.  Pants are the DEVIL, don’t you know?  There will be no pants.  Dresses and shorts, it is.  I gave up on that battle months ago.

IMG_2886 (2)

Poppyseed is so much like me…. she is learning so much every day about food and general health.  Recently she overheard her Gommy say that her daddy had a headache.  She concluded out loud that Daddy must have “not eaten healthy food or had too much sugar in his tummy.”  Sometimes, she watches me eat chocolate chips from the bag and tells me, “No thanks, Mommy, I don’t want to eat too much sugar.  Or have to brush my teeth.”

I mean… I have no response for that.  Thankfully she shows plenty of signs of being a normal kid and we eat PLENTY of popsicles and things-made-from-chocolate when she isn’t shunning my chocolate chip addiction.


This girl has two things that make her happier than anything in the world.

  1.  Going to Gommy’s house.  This is Sealy, where her grandparents live.  There are horses, there is room to run, there is playdoh galore, no one cares about messes, and (obviously) there are grandparents.  What’s not to love about this scenario?
  2. Monkey bars.  One of us must make sure she has access to monkey bars every. single. day.  We are at the park by 8am, with a beach towel in hand.  (Gotta have a way to get the morning dew off those monkey bars so that her hands don’t slip.)  Pass the coffee, and my camera.

Okay, that is PROBABLY not completely true.  THIS is what makes her happier than anything else in the world.

Her brother.

IMG_9970She is so proud of him.  It’s normal for me to overhear her saying things such as, “Gweat job, baby!  You did that puzzle SO GOOD!”  She loves him so much.  Too much, actually.  I tell her, “Stop touching Middle” at least 1000 times per day.  She actually listens to me about 2 out of those times.  Middle is literally always pushing her off of him and screaming at deafening levels to avoid her hugs, kisses, and face pats.

Face pats – this is a thing when you’re four.  I was really going crazy that she was constantly touching and patting his face.  He really DOES scream when she does it, and I have to admit that despite my love for physical touch, it would drive me batty, too.  However, I decided to let that ship sail when I went up to her preschool for the end of school party.  After standing in a room full of 4 year olds who literally touched, petted, grabbed, and otherwise mauled one another in the face, neck, back, elbow, etc., I realized, “Oh, okay, this is normal.  This face petting is normal 4 year old stuff.  Got it.”

Speaking of her preschool, she absolutely loved her 3 year old preschool year.  She got the sweetest and most fun teachers, her classmates were the best kiddos, and as a bonus to me, the moms were all wonderful people who I enjoyed getting to know.  I was so very nervous about her going to this preschool at the beginning of this year, for reasons I still can’t pinpoint myself.  She had been in 3 daycares and 2 preschools, so why I got nervous THIS time and no other time is beyond me. It turned out to be her best year yet.




This kiddo thrives in social settings for sure, although yes, we could use a little bit of help “keeping our hands to ourselves when we are mad.”


Some other things to note about our Poppyseed….

She loves to be outside.  I’m pretty sure we are not low on Vitamin D around here!



She is a crafty one.  This is a struggle, because I am NOT.  I feel like she would really thrive in a more hands on, artsy type of setting…  Like, maybe she will actually know how to sew a button one day.  It’s just that I won’t be the one teaching her!  I hope I’m able to figure out how to continue to challenge and allow this part of her to flourish.  Right now we can get away with lots of painting.  Let that right brain go crazy, Poppyseed!


So, she may be tough, but she’s all girl and all drama, all the time.  She is a big crier when things don’t go her way.  She gets frustrated easily and wants to quit.  I never know if I’m doing it right, quite honestly.  Sometimes I think I let her give up too easily, and other times I am the mom forcing my kid to get off the ground at the park and ride the bicycle that’s difficult to pedal allllllll the way home, tears and all.  (In my defense, pushing a double stroller and pulling a bicycle is hard.  She needs to pull her weight, ha!)


Precious, even when she cries.

Her birthday party went exactly the way she wanted it to.  She wanted a bounce house in our back yard, so that’s exactly what we did!  She insisted on her friends from school attending her party, and was so happy as each friend walked in the door.  Her friends Jude and Duke came, my friend Bethany brought Charlotte, another 4 year old, and several of her classmates from preschool came.  It was a lot of fun, despite a shower at the end of the party!  I love, LOVED this picture series of her with one of her most treasured friends, who we hear about all the time!



I’ll finish this very belated birthday post with a few more iPhone snapshots….I love these next two because they really show her coloring and sweet smile!


More fun with brother.


Another favorite thing… sleeping in our bed, wearing one of Oatmeal’s tshirts.



Poppyseed, I love you so much.  You were the best first child I ever could have asked for!  This year of four will be amazing, I know.



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  1. She is so beautiful Laura!! Ok the beginning of this- my jaw hit the ground- you could have been describing Logan to a T. He is THE most argumentative thing I’ve ever met- I mean he makes my head explode most days and nothing slips under his radar. But like you said, that trait will (eventually) serve them well! Is P tall? She looks super tall to me! And those eyes- GAH!

    • Friend. I worry so much about that smart mouth! We almost lost a babysitter this week over it – lol – am not EVEN kidding! I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for us, k? 😉

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