Middle is 2. TWO.

Dear Middle,

Son, I’ve been putting this post off for almost two weeks.  I knew it would make me cry.

That’s all the typing it took to start the waterworks.  Lord help your sap of a mother.

image2 (1)

Make no mistake, you are my baby, and I spoil you so.  I can’t help it.  You’re my boy.

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In the last few months you’ve really grown.  You’ve finally started to really speak, and you become taller and more fun every single day.  I love hearing your voice as you string together 2 and 3 word sentences!  Better late than never, my little guy.

Things that you love: ropes, cows, horses, your sister, books. Eating. Snuggling.  Food… of pretty much any type.  In this picture, you’re going to town on a piece of raw broccoli.  I wouldn’t say it is your favorite snack, but when you’re truly hungry there isn’t much you’ll skip!

broccoli (1)

Things you could do without: having anything taken from you.  Small hyper dogs.  (You hate them.) Mommy leaving you with anyone else.  (Exception:  Daddy, Gommy, Granddaddy.)  Brushing your teeth.

It’s so hard to describe your own child in just a few paragraphs, but I’ll try to take a stab at it.  You are just really all boy.  You love to play with “boy” toys, meaning all of the toys that Poppyseed would have never been drawn to.  You’re all horses, trucks, ropes, and blocks.  You play independently with Melissa and Doug train or plastic horses for a half hour, getting distracted only by your bookshelf full of books.

Your favorite books are The Wild Little Horse (everyone in the house has it memorized, no joke) and really anything that involves animals such as horses or cows.  You constantly bring me books, both first thing in the morning and the last moments of the day before bed.  You will carry a book to me and say, “Thit, mama, weed.”  (Sit, mama, read.)  There’s no getting around it when you want to read, so read we do.  Your face is the ONLY one that could ever get me to read before 6am… thankfully you are not awake that early too often!

Johnnybed (1)

So, reading and toys hold your attention at home, but there are lots of other things you love as well.  I think your favorite place in the entire world would be next to the horse trailer at Oatmeal’s parent’s home.  You LOVE to help your daddy catch and saddle the horses, and love taking them for a ride!  This summer was the first time I saw Oatmeal put you on a horse and lead the horse, without actually riding in the saddle with you.  That was more than enough to make this mom very nervous, and one of the few times in our marriage where I have to just turn around and bite my tongue!  I trust that your daddy knows what he’s doing with my baby, but I still have a hard time letting you enjoy these adventures.

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13615447_10108445842680444_8369335216093705357_n (1)

Lately you are also very enamored with cows.  We laugh because you will come over and tap me and say, “Mama, mama.”  When I look your way and ask what you need, you will reply quite simply, “Cow.”  If we are drawing and I ask you what you’d like for me to draw, you’ll say, “Cow.”  If I say, “Middle, what do you want to do?”


What can I say?  You must think that the cow is a fascinating animal.

Another shocker (sarcasm) is that your love for ropes and roping objects is still going strong.  While you do love ropes, it’s also worth adding that they frustrate the hell out of you.

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(Dear Readers, I must ask you something.  Have you ever taken a rope, properly held it in your hands, coiled it just so, and then thrown it like a lasso?  Well, it can be pretty tough.  Middle is no doubt going to be a pro by age 3 or 4, but every single day he brings me a rope no less than 1,682 times so that I can coil and hand it back to him.  He’ll rope a table, dog, or sister and then immediately bring it back to me.  Rinse and repeat, all day long.  If I don’t immediately assist him, it often means a huge meltdown.  Let’s just say that I hide lots of ropes in cabinets and on top of refrigerators!)

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Middle, you love to be outdoors, so I could not be more grateful that we live so close to Sealy.  Every single weekend, rain or shine, you can usually be found with Oatmeal and your grandparents.  You are able to completely roam and play, climb dirt hills and scale barbed wire fences.  You and your sister are SO happy as little free range kids, and I am extremely thankful that you have access to that much space.

dirt (1)

Not to mention, when you are in Sealy you get to “help” with the horses or cows.  You understand that it’s a huge responsibility to learn alongside Oatmeal.  Even at just two years old, you know that Oatmeal means business if he says, “Hold the rope,” or “Back up.”  There’s no pushing the envelope when safety is involved, and it’s usually very eye opening to me that you do understand EVERYTHING we say!  On the weekdays, I keep you busy going to the various parks nearby, taking a weekly gymnastics class, and running various errands.  We don’t really have much of a schedule these days, but simply blow wherever the wind takes us!

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park (1)

You begin “preschool” at our church in a few short days, and while I am both excited and nervous, I know you will love it.

A few other things off the top of my head….

You still absolutely MUST have a pacifier and your lovely to sleep.  I mean, I’m sure there is some type of baby training genius out there who could break the habit, but that person does not live in our house, so paci and lovey we have.  You also still love to drink milk from a bottle (and I am totally okay with that) and you still sleep in your crib.  Until a sibling is underway, I don’t see us putting you into a big boy bed just yet!

You love your sister.  I mean, you both completely adore each other.  It’s the best thing EVER about being your mother.  I really do try to soak up every moment when you are playing with one another, holding hands, singing, sharing a meal or a snack… you are best friends, and it makes my heart burst!!

DSC_5499 (1)

Seriously, you are the cutest pair of siblings that ever lived on the land.  I know you’re my kids, but I just die at the cuteness.

birthday3 (1)

birthday2 (1)

birthday (1)

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kidsatstarbucks (1)

You’re a GREAT sleeper now, and we are SO VERY THANKFUL!  You wake up at about 7am, take one nap during the day, and go down around 8pm.  We can put you down as early as 6pm if needed, but you’ve also stayed awake as late at 10pm if there was something eventful happening!  You are my first kid who will legitimately sleep late if we put you to bed late.  Your sister NEVER did that – if she went to bed at 10pm she would pop up at 4am!  You went down at 10pm last night and slept until 9am this morning.  Easy kid.  It’s also funny to note that if I am lazy about putting you down for your afternoon nap, you’ll handle that for yourself as well!

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kidsatstarbucks (1)

You weigh 32-33 pounds, and you are 36 inches tall.  That’s pretty large for a 2 year old boy, and I often hear compliments from others on your size, build, and white blond hair!  Most of the comments come from older men at hardware stores or roping arenas who like to say things like, “Now that’s a good looking boy right there,” or “They just don’t make little guys like him anymore,” or “You got you a little cowboy right there, yes ma’am!”  When are are in Katy, the comments sound a little like that, “Wow, I’ll be watching the Katy Tiger football field for that kid in about 14 years.”  Ha!

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Your temper is FIERCE.  I cannot guarantee that you will share, keep your hands to yourself, or resist biting if you don’t get your way.  You still hold the record for having the loudest, strongest voice of any human I’ve ever heard.  I secretly fear the fate of your future teachers, and ask for wisdom and forgiveness as I try to find the best way to teach you right from wrong!  You didn’t come with a manual.

Middle, I love you.  I have loved having you as our baby.  I do not know if you’ll always be our baby or if you will one day become our true middle kid, but I love every day with you.











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