23 weeks pregnant… and what we’ve been up to.

Well hello there. How was your day?  Mine was just dandy.  I got up at 5am and left my house by 6am.  I drove to a far corner of my territory and took one of my favorite customers some breakfast tacos.  Which I ate one of.  This is against my primal/paleo diet (because the flour tortilla has gluten of course), but hey, we only live once, right?  I think it’s been about 6 months since I’ve had a breakfast taco.  I can’t say I regret that one.

I called on doctors all day, and then I pulled into a vacant parking lot and changed into my sweats.

Because that’s what you have to do when you go to a Crossfit gym that is 70 miles from home, and you don’t want to walk into the gym wearing your work clothes.  Because you just accidentally spilled a decaf iced coffee all over your lap. And then all the other crossfitters (who are mainly in college) would look at the old prego chick walking in with brown stains all over their pants and say, “WOW I hope I NEVER get pregnant!”


By the way, that was the second time I spilled a drink all over myself today.  The first was about a 24oz glass of water. 

So I worked out, drove home, cooked dinner and then baked about a zillion cake balls for my customers tomorrow. I put them in cute little tins.  Meanwhile Oatmeal ate the dinner I cooked him and then happily fell asleep in the recliner.  Until I frantically woke him up because all of my dish washing resulted in the sink backing up and leaking all over the kitchen floor.  Then he grumbled a little bit, fixed it, and went to our bedroom to hit the sack.

So it’s 11pm, I have been up since 5am, and I’m not tired.  When I do get around to going to sleep, my belly will feel all weird and I won’t fall asleep for a while.  No one told me that getting pregnant made women move as if they are on speed.  Now I know.

I have taken a lot of (blurry) iPhone pictures lately that I’d like to share.  And some that are clearly not iPhone pictures, but I’ll post them anyway. 

I’ll start out with a snapshot I took of myself this morning. 

This is me refusing to wear my maternity pants.  Yep, rather than wear my maternity work pants, I chose to squeeze my 23 weeks worth of baby (yes, that is almost 6 months) into my favorite Anthropologie pants. I have 2 pairs of “work appropriate” maternity pants from GAP – these. They are really comfortable and look very nice with heels, but they are just so basic that I get bored wearing them all the time.

Yes, I understand that is a very unattractive shot of me with my pants tied together with rubber bands.  And I hereby declare this the LAST day I will attempt get away with this.  I give in!  I’ll buy new ones! But, for the record, you couldn’t even tell!  See?

Really I’m just holding out on the chance that I get some cute pants for Christmas….it’s only 5 days away!  

And, over the holidays when I’m not working I get to wear my jeans!

Yes, these are Joe’s maternity jeans, and I love them! My mom bought them for me as an early Christmas present, and currently they are being hemmed.  Because, one thing Joe’s doesn’t know about pregnancy is that it typically does not cause vertical growth spurts, only horizontal ones.  The 34” inseam is a little overkill. 

So here is a picture of me taken after a full day of work, 2 drink spills into my lap, 1 parking lot change, and a Crossfit workout.  23 weeks, baby!  Starting to look the part! 

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