1 year down…. infinity to go!

Sunday was Lola and Oatmeal’s 1 year anniversary.  I truly can’t believe it. It’s gone by SOOOOO fast.  We actually did not plan anything to celebrate, because we are waiting until Friday to go on a little mini-trip.  I have never been to the Alamo (gasp!) and so we decided to go to San Antonio and spend a night in a hotel.  I’m really looking forward to walking around the Riverwalk, which I bet is very pretty during Christmastime, and seeing the Alamo with my honey. 

He also requested, “to go eat somewhere that isn’t hoiti-toiti where I can get a legitimate steak and not a tiny serving of meat that costs $100.”  So… if you know of a decent steakhouse in the area, please do tell!  If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve had Oatmeal accompany me to one too many “uppity” restaurants in Houston, where he orders something that sounds divine but is disappointed when it shows up and is the portion size of a deck of cards.  Sooooooo not okay for the type of man who I’m convinced burns 2000 calories by taking a short nap.

So…. our trip to San Antonio is how we will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.  Lola absolutely LOVES to fly the coop and go on trips.  Long trips, short trips, far trips, or just down the road.  I care not.  I just like to pack a bag and spend a night away.  Usually, since I am impatient in both accruing finances and vacation days, we go on more short trips than longer ones, because they are easier to plan.  This one is no different, I booked it on LivingSocial about a week ago.  Easy as pie.

So, since we are just going on a mini-trip, we had agreed to not worry about gifts.  December is crazy in our household.  The 11th is our anniversary, the 25th is Christmas, and the 26th is Oatmeal’s birthday.  Throw in 3 other siblings who have wedding anniversaries in December, and 1 niece with a birthday, and December is PACKED.  I’ve already secured gifts for our 11 nieces and nephews, parents, his birthday and his Christmas present.  So, I was relieved to not have to worry about an anniversary gift for Oatmeal, and was truly happy just spending a night away with him and eating some good food!

Only…Oatmeal does things his way. 

And, Oatmeal loves being sneaky. 

So on Sunday morning we woke up and wished each other happy anniversary, and then the day passed without much mention of it.  Late Sunday afternoon we started getting cleaned up so that we could take our first annual Christmas picture, and I was in the kitchen getting a drink of water.  Oatmeal was walking around shirtless, waiting on the iron to heat up, and then randomly he came into the kitchen and tossed a small box on the kitchen counter and said, “Here’s your anniversary present honey.” 

I stopped in my tracks, staring at the box that had suddenly appeared in front of me.  “BUT WE SAID WE WEREN’T DOING PRESENTS!!!”

Now c’mon.  Small box given to me on my anniversary?!  I wasn’t THAT upset.  Seriously.  But you know how it feels to be “gifted” and not have a gift in return.  I felt horrible!  All of the gifts that I’ve gotten for Oatmeal for Christmas have been stashed in various places in our house, and at other people’s houses, for safekeeping until Christmas Eve.  They all flashed through my mind at once, as I wondered if I could play it off like I, too, had secretly disobeyed the rules and gotten something for him.

But then I took another look at the box.  It said “Montelongos” on it.  (Montelongos is a beautiful jewelry store in College Station.  Oatmeal purchased my engagement ring there, as well as an Aggie bracelet he once gave me for my birthday.)  Suddenly all of my thoughts dissipated completely and I could not fight the desire to open it right then and there.

Mind you, Oatmeal was ironing his shirt in the next room, not even looking at me, but I could hear him snickering to himself at his sneakiness. 

I wish I’d taken a picture of the box, because it was beautifully wrapped, but do lions take pictures of the gazelle before they attack and devour it? 

No. No they do not.

But I do have a picture (compliments of my MIL) of the contents….

Beautiful diamond stud earrings!!  I could have died.  I do not deserve this man!  I had absolutely nothing for him on our special day, and I am given this.  And why?  I am not a perfect wife.  My intentions are good, and I love him more than anything else in this life, but I am not deserving of how he treats me, much less so many things that sparkle.  I get hung up on how he does not put the dishes away after he HAND WASHES THEM.  I get annoyed when he won’t wipe his bathroom sink every few days.  There are days, no, weeks where I make no effort to do much more than cook for him and toss a few clean undies into his dresser.  I’ve made a mess of our finances, causing him to calmly take my AMEX away and give me cash on what is supposed to be a bi-monthly basis, only I run out after days and he calmly gives me more.  Always patient, but with gentle reminders that the money does not grow on trees.  Without him, I’d have a credit card statement full of shoes, restaurant tabs and Starbucks, but I’d probably have no way of paying it.

He already does MUCH more for me than I do for him.  He is already so loving, and so supportive of me.  Especially these past few months, with Poppyseed hormones raging, which has made me much more difficult than usual.  I can be so critical of him.  And I do truly love him more than anything, but geez I can be a pill.

So really, all I wanted to do was go to San Antonio and spend a night with him. 

I’ve never had a pair of diamond earrings before.  They are beautiful.  I am lucky. 

I love my husband. 

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