This time last year….

I was about to get married.

It was December 10, 2010.

I took the day off.

I finished decorating the Cat Spring Ag Hall.

I picked up my wedding gown.

My family, friends, and soon-to-be husband met at the church, and we “rehearsed.” 

I wore a white satin dress, which I already regret, but it seemed appropriate at the time, ya know?

We went to a Mexican restaurant, and our family and friends toasted to us.  We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more. 

And we drank tequila.  Lordy, I do love tequila.

Some of us had more than others.  I won’t single you out.  You know who you are.  I paced myself… I sure wasn’t going to be THAT bride.

And then I went home.  It was my last night as a single girl, and I really can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!

I just spent about a half hour reading our old wedding website.

It (almost) made me cry.  Almost.

Then, I watched our slideshow.

It did make me cry. 

And, it made me miss the airstream.  We sold it shortly after we got married.  I hope I never forget having my new boyfriend, and driving 60 miles west of Houston every night I had the chance.  Opening the gate in the dark, and then getting back in the car and driving down the road until I got to the silver bullet.  Parking on the dirt and tip-toeing in my high heels (quickly) to the front door of the airstream.  Looking over my shoulder, worried that a horse might attack me.  (Yes, I actually thought our sweet Black might gallop over me or something.  I knew nothing about horses back then, other than that they were fast and much bigger than me.) Shooing Goose into the fenced part so that he wouldn’t run away.  (Yes, I was also a city girl afraid that my dog would run away.  Silly me.  Goose would never leave me.)

I hope I never forget cooking with one pan and eating with the only 2 forks and 2 plates that we had, and having to make everything on the stove because we never figured out how to turn on the oven.  Ever. 

We drank coffee out of coffee mugs in the morning.  We drank wine out of the same coffee mugs at night.

On pretty nights, we’d sit on the picnic table, until he bought me a lawn chair for my birthday. 

Yep, a lawn chair.  It was the best birthday present anyone ever bought me. 

I’d sit on it and watch him burn things, and I’d drink wine out of my coffee mug.  And pet dogs, and stare out at nothing but grass, dead looking trees, and sky.

And feel the happiest I’d ever felt. 

At night I’d pray that I would get to marry him.  This guy that lived on a dead looking ten acres, with horses, a barn and a trailer. 

And… a year ago… I did.  🙂

I hope I never forget all that. 

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