37 weeks!

Howdy howdy!

Yesterday morning, at 37 weeks plus a couple of days, I had my 37 week appointment.  It went really smoothly.

Here’s a pic I snapped this morning while at the gym.  In my next lifetime I’ll take cuter pregnancy pictures.

  • Stats: Blood pressure is still good.  Total weight gain is between 27-28lbs.  Heartbeat very strong.  Still feeling lots of baby movement (this baby is trying to kick a hole out of my belly button).
  • Predictions: The doctor is still commenting that I’m measuring small but he still expects Poppyseed to be a nice sized baby, though not huge.  (Oh how I would love for that to be the truth – I hope he is right!)  He did comment, “Keep eating right, keep being active, that will keep you from having a huge baby.”  Yes sir.
  • Something I learned: Last week you may remember that I did not enjoy the part of my appointment where he checked my cervix to see if I was dilated.  No fault of my doctor, but it was unpleasant.  I learned in our baby class recently that these exams (routinely performed between weeks 36-40) are actually not medically necessary or mandatory unless there is some type of potential problem going on with the mom or baby.  It’s more of an option that doctors provide because by this time in the pregnancy, the mother-to-be usually wants to know if she is dilated.  Since I wasn’t dilated in the least bit last week, I figured that not much could have really changed.  Plus, even if I had dilated to a 3 since last week, it’s still possible I could walk around for the next 2-3 weeks at a 3 with no change.  So, this week I decided to just not get checked.  My teacher had advised me that if I did not want the exam, I should just thank the nurse for the gown (the nurses always hand you a gown and tell you to change at these appointments) but to not actually put it on.  I decided to try it, but for some reason I was so nervous!  When the nurse gave me the gown, I just left it folded in the chair next to me.  I was afraid that my doctor would think that I was trying to hijack my own medical care or something, but when he walked in he didn’t seem to even notice.  We talked for a few minutes and then I asked him point blank if I could skip the part where he checked me.  He shrugged nonchalantly and said that would be no problem and that if I wanted him to check me at my 38 or 39 week appointment instead he was happy to do so.  Wow!  Who knew?!  So my 37 week exam was MUCH more pleasant than my 36 week exam.
  • Planning ahead:  My doctor knows that I am not too keen on inducing, but we did discuss today what would happen if I were to go 7 days overdue.  In that case he will want to really talk about an induction and schedule something right away.  That sounds reasonable to me.  I like that he is so open and understanding.  He also mentioned that if I had wanted to be induced because of our distance from the hospital he would have done so as early as 39 1/2 weeks if I had a “favorable cervix.”  (These terms crack me up.)  Every patient is different, and I like that he is open to what his patients would like, while still being authoritative and a great provider.  I just hope I don’t go 7 whole days overdue!  Yikes!!  My sister was due on April 30 with her first baby and delivered her on May 5.  She said that those last few days were pure agony and that she used to call our mom sobbing and saying things like, “This baby is NEVER going to come out!”  I can see myself being the same type of emotional trainwreck if I go 6 days over.  Ha!  God bless my husband if that happens to us, he will have his hands full.

Meanwhile, I’ve really enjoyed the past few days of being off of work.  I’ve run a ton of errands and now I am just happy to be at home where I can do lots of cooking and take lots of walks.  Countdown to Poppyseed starts now!

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