Dear Baby Poppyseed…

Hi, little baby. I am your mom, and I am really anxious to meet you.

You’re running a little late (3 days and counting…) according to most everyone’s predictions, but your cousins were late, too, so I am not too surprised. I don’t mind the wait too much, because I actually feel okay. Don’t get me wrong, you do take up quite a bit of room, but I have an oddly long torso that gives us both a little bit of extra space!  We are still getting around really easily; in fact I walked 6 whole miles with you today!  I don’t ever mind when you move around and kick me, if anything I really love it.  I think I will miss that a lot when you are born.

Lots of people want me to just go to the doctor and ask him to hurry you up, but I don’t want to do that yet.  I am so, so ready to meet you, but I have a feeling that if you aren’t out here yet, it’s because God isn’t quite finished working on you.  I also think that God is just trying to teach me patience, because that has never been my strong suit!  So, I am trying very hard to just trust that you will come when you are ready.  I’ve made our home as welcoming as possible with this extra time I’ve been given, just to make sure it is extra special for you.

But really, anytime you want to come out, it’s okay with me.  I can’t wait to get to know you.  I can already imagine your warm little body in my arms… I can already feel your little back rising under my hands while you sleep.  I have to confess I am a little bit (okay, a lot) scared. I am afraid that I may not always know what you need me to do, so you will have to be patient with me while I figure it out. I hope that your dad and I learn really fast how you like to eat and sleep, but even if we don’t it’s okay because I won’t give up!  I’ll always do everything I can to make sure you are happy and healthy.

I mentioned that I’m not very patient, but I actually did decide to wait to find out if you are a girl or a boy. I really wanted to know, but it seemed like such a fun idea to wait until you were born! Plus, a lot of your aunts and uncles did the same thing when they were pregnant with your cousins. I can’t wait to see which one you are! But you know what? I did cheat a little bit and get a 3D ultrasound so that I would know what you looked like. You didn’t really go along with that plan  – you covered your face with your hands. But I did get to see one thing – you have your daddy’s nose. Now every time I look at your daddy it makes me really happy because I always thought his wide nose (ha) was really cute.

Speaking of your dad and your unknown gender… we actually do not have a name for you if you are a boy! We have a girl name and I really really hope that it fits you. I picked it out by myself, but your dad really likes it and knows that it is very special to me. If you are a boy, I think that I am going to let your dad name you almost all by himself. He has all kinds of names picked out, and he gets so excited about them. I told him that I will give him a lot of room to be creative, but I do get final “veto power” if I really don’t like something. For example, I already vetoed the name “Maximus Achilles Griffin.” You can thank me for that later.

So many people are here who are so excited to meet you. Other than just me and your dad, you get to live with 2 puppies and a bunch of horses. The gray puppy will probably love you from the beginning and try to sit on you. That’s how he shows people he likes them. We’ll have to be careful about that. The black puppy will be indifferent that you even exist, but that’s probably for the best. Also, you have a horse! Your daddy is actually training him for you right now, and his name is Black. He will probably have you riding when you are 2, but I would prefer you wait until you are more like 20. If I have gray hair before the age of 30, that will be why.

Your dad LOVES horses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone love a pasttime as much as he loves to ride and train horses. I used to be scared of them, but he has taught me how to act. He will spend hours (if not days) outside with those big animals, feeding them and training them to be good and gentle and predictable so that kids like you can safely ride them. Your daddy will teach you everything you could ever need to know about them, and also about being outdoors in general.

Your dad is actually not much of a talker, but he will tell you everything he can about this world. It won’t take you very long to get to know him and know what he is thinking, even if he isn’t actually saying it. He will teach you what it means to be respectful, and he will teach you about God, and he will teach you how to work hard and learn how to do new things. All of those things are really important to your daddy, and he will make sure to show you all of the things in this world you need to understand so that you have a wonderful life.

Lot of people tell me all the time that new daddies don’t bond with their babies right away, but I don’t really listen because they don’t understand what kind of man your dad is and how badly he has wanted a baby. He already loves you and thinks about you all the time. When our brothers and sisters have babies he gets so excited. Then when they are born he can’t wait to meet them and hold them, but he tries not to show it because he knows they aren’t his own.  But now he will have his very own child, and wow, I think it will really be a sight to see. He has very high standards and will expect a great deal of you during your lifetime, but you will never meet anyone more proud of you than him. Other than me, of course!

Other than the animals that will live at our house with us, you have a really big family and most of them live nearby. You have 3 grandmothers and 2 grandfathers. You have 6 uncles and 6 aunts. You also have 12 first cousins, and some of your aunts and uncles have not finished multiplying yet, so there will be even more before it’s over. You even have one living great grandmother. You will like her, she is really special. Everyone in the family is anxious to meet you and see you grow up. Everywhere you go, you will be loved. I hope that your dad and I are able to show you how important it is to have such a great family, and how lucky and blessed we all are because of ours.

Well baby, you’re 3 days late now. It’s okay, I will keep working on my patience. I’ll keep walking and eating good food to make you strong. Don’t rush if you aren’t ready, just know you are welcome anytime. We can’t wait. 🙂

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  1. One of the most sweet and precious things I have ever read! Beautiful!

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