No Problems Here! And Lola apologizes.

I just ran into my doctor’s office between calls and got to hear good news. Absolutely nothing showed up on my culture. No bacterial growth at all. So what’s the verdict? Probably a popped blood vessel in the bladder, or maybe some microscopic kidney stones that are simply too small to feel. So…. I’m good to go. Poppyseed was bouncing off the walls (literally….) this morning and had a very strong heartbeat. Life is good.

And, no antibiotics necessary! Yay!

What have I learned? No more tea for Lola, at least not in such high doses.

Finally, an apology, though I admit it’s a half-hearted one. I was told today that I should remove the picture from Monday’s post, because “some people don’t want to see that.”

So here goes…. I’m not removing it. It’s up, it’s been up, it’s been viewed already. But, I am sorry, truly, for grossing anyone out.

That’s the end of my apology.

Here’s how I really feel. I did think twice before posting it. But truly, I went ahead and posted it because if I didn’t, people may not understand why I was afraid. It may have seemed I was exaggerating. I didn’t take a picture of a toilet, or my own body, or something very graphic and personal. I took a picture of a specimen cup in a lab.

It’s my business. I chose to post something personal about myself. Not my husband, my sibling, my friend. Me. I understand that some people would be really embarrassed. I am not.

And, I gave fair warning that something taboo was to come. If you didn’t stop reading and got offended, I invite you to stop visiting my blog.

No, really. Stop. Click the X at the top right of your screen.

For the few of you who are still here…..

Please remember, this is a personal blog. I have a tracker on it and only about 50-100 people view each post. I have to assume they are all friends and family, or at least people I am acquaintances with. I’m not under the impression that this blog is read by the same population of people who would read, say, a column in the Houston Chronicle. If it were, I’d probably be blogging about something more specific and interesting, such as cooking, fashion, business, etc. But I’m not. It’s just my dinky little blog, with a lame free template, and my unorganized thoughts thrown out there for people I know to read. And lately, I’m blogging about being pregnant. It’s not like I blog about fishing in the gulf and have a large following of male readers and then I tossed in a urine sample and grossed them all out. It happens that there is a pregnancy epidemic going around, so it’s fun to blog about what’s going on and have so many girls that I can relate with. (I can think of 9 fellow pregnant people off the top of head….many of which have told me they like reading my blog.) So now, if anything, if they have something similar happen to them along the way, they will know that these types of things such as kidney stones can happen and may not burst into tears in a restroom as I did.

So… Yeah. I think I’ve covered that. Thanks and gig’em.

And…. Again…. I’m so grateful that my sweet Poppyseed is healthy! My husband is so right, God is good!

Yay for being on the downhill slope of my pregnancy. 21 weeks down, 19 to go!

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