Well today I did not hear from my doctor but I do still have an appointment with him tomorrow. I’ll get an actual exam and hear how the lab results turned out. I do have two hypotheses though…..

Hypothesis 1: I expect that I have a UTI, also known as a bladder infection. Read this article here….


It makes a lot of sense that the uterus gets larger and heavier, and therefore presses on the bladder. This can make it more difficult for the bladder to properly drain. I do feel like that makes sense because ever since becoming pregnant, I need to use the restroom frequently and feel as if my bladder is full but can never empty it. Even after I am finished and stand up I feel as if my bladder is still partially full. I’ll wake up at 2am feeling like I’m about to die, but by the time I get to the bathroom the urge has decreased. So…. Perhaps the fact that it’s not draining properly has caused a build up of bacteria, and thus a UTI.

Hypothesis 2: I could have a bladder or kidney stone, though this is probably unlikely because I don’t have any pain. If that’s the case I wonder if it’s because of all the iced tea I drank last week. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be drinking any caffeinated drinks and I was doing great til last week. I started going to Newk’s in College Station regularly because they have the BEST salads. And… They have unsweet tea which I was not good at resisting at all. I’d drink a whole glass and get a refill before leaving. And their to-go cups are HUGE. So I was probably depriving myself of water and filling my bladder up with tea, which I’ve read can lead to stones. In fact, my sister had kidney stones when prego with her kids, and she chalked it up to tea and Tums. So, it could be that and not a UTI.

Either way, I’ve been chugging water all day and night and eating foods low in sugar. I am still lucky that I haven’t really felt any pain, and I still feel Poppyseed moving around often. That is always a reassuring feeling!

So… Thanks for the prayers and kind messages, and I think we are doing ok!

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