[Flash 10 is required to watch video.] This week, on November 30, 2011, Oatmeal and I got to see our

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This week, on November 30, 2011, Oatmeal and I got to see our sweet baby for the first time.  Sure, when I was 6.5 weeks pregnant I got to get a quick sonogram, but that was so early in Poppyseed’s life that all it really looked like were a punch of specks dancing across the screen as we saw the heart quickly beat.  We were so excited and happy and beside ourselves back then, and it was a special moment.  I had been so worried about the baby making it to the second trimester, but seeing those heart beats gave me the confidence I needed to chill the heck out.

So ever since then, all of my OB appointments have been very quick and easy, and Oatmeal has not attended them.  I’d go in (every 4 weeks) and get weighed, get my blood pressure taken, and listen (but not view) to the heartbeat using the doppler.   I was actually under the impression (prior to getting prego) that every single OB’s visit would include an ultrasound and that I’d get to actually “watch Poppyseed grow up” and was a little disappointed that they were really only weight and heartbeat checks.  When I asked my OB why I had to wait until 20 weeks for an ultrasound, he explained that in healthy, low-risk pregnancies there is not a need for an ultrasound, as each baby grows at different rates.  He said that the best time to do an ultrasound is at approximately 20 weeks, when the baby’s organs are formed, and then they can get an accurate confirmation of all the organs and their measurements, check the sex of the baby if the parents want that, and just basically see that the kiddo is doing great.  So, I eagerly waited for 20 weeks! 

And… it did not disappoint!

Now mind you, up until this visit, Lola had gained pretty much zero weight.  At my 16 week visit my weight gain was only 1 or 2lbs total.  But then right after my 16 week visit, I started to get really light headed, sweaty and weak around 10am each day and again mid-afternoon.  Everyone insisted it must be low blood sugar, which I wasn’t so certain about since I was eating good breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  But, I did start snacking a lot more to avoid these dizzy spells.  Suddenly, the scale registered that I’d gained about 9lbs… in a matter of 3 weeks!  Now everything I’ve read says that normal weight gain is 1.5-2lbs per week during the second trimester, and I was averaging 3lbs per week.  So I ran this by my doc one day when I passed him in the halls at work, and he told me I had nothing to worry about. 

I was still a little wary, because if I were to continue to gain 3lbs weekly for the remainder of my pregnancy, I’d be gaining another 60lbs… which… I don’t care who you are or how you’re built…. is probably not good for you or your baby!

So, at our 20 week appointment they took my blood pressure, weighed me, and then the doctor walked into my exam room, LAUGHING, because he saw that I had INDEED gained 9lbs and was not kidding!  While he was a little surprised at the “spurt” he reassured me (again) that these little babies have growth spurts and that as long as I’m not going crazy with the donuts we should both be just fine.  Then he pulled out the doppler and we heard the heartbeat again.  It was very loud and strong and made Oatmeal and I both feel really good.  Afterwards we headed to the ultrasound lab, where a really nice tech put the cold gel on my belly.  We proceeded to stare at our Poppyseed on a big screen TV while she measured the baby. 

We got to see the spine, abdominal cavity, hands, brain, and heart of the baby.  We got to see all four chambers of its little heart, which was beating like crazy.  And then she stopped at the profile of the kiddo, which was without doubt the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Seeing that little baby move its little mouth and practice swallowing almost made me die.  Seriously, it was the most amazing feeling. 

I’ve known for months that I’m pregnant.  I’ve done a pretty solid amount of reading to learn what’s going on in there.  I understood that Poppyseed was growing, developing and changing literally every day.  I even started to feel little movements in there at about 16 weeks, which I can only describe as little bubbles popping. They’ve gotten stronger each week and now I know for sure it’s Poppyseed moving and not just my imagination.

But seeing it, seeing my baby actually move inside of my body, move its little head back and forth and make funny little faces with its lips as it swallowed…. WOW.  For me as an individual, that was when it really hit me that I have a BABY in my belly.  It was a completely amazing feeling!

So… we really loved it and Oatmeal even recorded some of it with my iPhone for us to share with you.  We did look away when the tech looked at the private parts of the baby, but she wrote the gender on a piece and then put it in a sealed envelope.  Oatmeal and I promptly delivered this envelope to a person we will not identify.  This particular person REALLY wanted to know the sex.  It’s a person that we trust to NOT tell us, NOT tell anyone else we know, and that way if they want to purchase a little stash of girl or boy items for us and have them ready at Poppyseed’s arrival, then they can do that without having to wonder about all the gender neutral stuff.  (Although really I don’t want a nursery soaked in either pink or blue, so truly this whole gender neutral thing is working out well for me!  But nursery talk is for an entirely different post.)

Anyhoo, our ultrasound went great and we were so excited to see our growing little baby.  Oatmeal and I are both so ready to meet Poppyseed, and I honestly don’t know how we will possibly wait 19 weeks to do so! 

Push play on the video above to see a 1 minute clip of our ultrasound.

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