Dear Poppyseed…. Part II

Well Baby,

Here we are.  We are all set and ready for you.  I’ve never prayed so much in my entire life.  Your dad is the only reason I am not losing my mind.  He may be quiet, but his presence is very calming.  Times of stress bring out the worst in me, but the best in him.  It is mind-boggling to me sometimes that I even got him to marry me.  We drove to College Station yesterday and walked all over A&M’s campus.  Your dad told me all of his old tales and memories of being a student and in the corps, and about being in the Cav.  Even though we both went to A&M, your dad was leaving when I was just getting started, so it was a lot of fun to share those stories.  The campus was beautiful and we just sort of aimlessly walked around, laughing at squirrels and letting your dad stop when we saw pull-up bars so that he could show off how strong he is.  (He is quite good at pullups, for the record.  Me on the other hand…)

I am starting to have some minor little contractions and such.  My belly gets hard as a rock, and then it releases.  I feel a lot of pressure, but nothing that makes me stop and say, “Wait” or “Ouch.”  That is literally the only sign I have that you may actually come.  You still bounce around inside, we still have a lot of fun poking you and trying to guess what all of your parts are.  “This is Poppyseed’s little bottom…. and I think this is a foot…”Despite the fact that we’ve been poking you for months now, it does not get old.

If you don’t decide to come soon on your own, we may not have a choice any longer… our doctor will make us evict you.  I hope that doesn’t happen, so I pray constantly that it doesn’t.  I simply don’t believe that there is any reason you should be forced out unless you are showing signs of being in trouble, and you aren’t.  I just believe so strongly that God is taking care of you.  But, at the end of the day, no one knows for sure how you are doing in there and we have to trust our doctor, too.   I guess that if we do have to make you come out, I at least know that I gave every little piece of your sweet body every second that I could possibly give it to get ready to come out.   I pray that no matter what, everything will go without complications and that you end up on my chest, screaming and squirming and healthy as can be.

Well little one.  I’m going to stop writing and go on another walk.  See you soon.



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  1. Good luck! I know how hard it is to wait, especially with the first, and I’m sure you’ve heard this a millions times, but try to just enjoy the time with your hubby as your lives will be (wonderfully) changing forever so soon! Plus, as soon as you are able to relax or schedule some reason you don’t want to have the baby right this second, baby will decide to come out :-). Praying for an easy delivery for you!

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