What a lovely November weekend…

This weekend was pretty fabulous.  I am going to recap it, just so that I remember it.

On Friday, I went on a walk after work.  While on the walk, a horse ran out of the woods toward me.  It was a beautiful horse, and I stopped to pet it, and while doing so I noticed a very tall, unusual statue leaning against a fence about 100 yards away.

I stared at it.  Boy, it sure looked weird.  How have I never noticed that statue before?

Then it moved.

Toward me.

It was hopping.

Toward me.

It was a kangaroo.

People.  I live in Texas.

A kangaroo hopped over to me.  If you need to reread the last few sentences, I’ll completely understand.

I may have wet myself.  But I took a video, before it hopped off into the woods.  And here is a picture. 

I called Oatmeal.  He was pretty floored.  He and I decided a neighbor must own it and I figured we’d find out who it was sooner or later.

So that was Friday afternoon.  Friday evening we went to a restaurant in Houston called Coppa and celebrated Kat’s birthday. 

Kat’s friends are wonderful, and we ate family style and drank champagne.  Well, everyone drank champagne but me.  Being pregnant puts a damper on that.

(I did decide that I want a glass of champagne when I get home from the hospital with Poppyseed.  I think I’ll deserve it, don’t you?)

We drove home (and by “we” I mean “me” while Oatmeal slept).  When we got home I got into bed but I felt crappy and my tummy was tight and hard and bloated full of baby.   So I tossed and turned and then got up and went into the living room and fell asleep by myself on the couch and dreamed about kangaroos.

The next morning we drove to Sealy and cooked breakfast with Oatmeal’s parents and sister.  This is Joanie (my MIL) and Little Joanie (my niece) horsing around in the front yard after breakfast.

June was there, too. See, non-country folks?  You can raise kids around barbed wire.  They know where to grab.  Kids are smart.

And this day goes down in history as the day I looked down at the ground right in front of me (to take a picture of Dottie) and realized that I saw more belly than I saw feet.  I thought to myself, “Holy cow!  I finally popped!”

Yup, there’s a baby in there.  I really think that the reason I was so uncomfortable the night before was that Poppyseed was literally kicking my tummy out to make room, and the next day I actually woke up looking a lot more pregnant.

Have I mentioned how much I like being pregnant? 

You wanna know why?

This guy. 

Look at that.  Geez is he cute.  The baby ain’t bad, either.

I had to include the puppy picture.  This is Goose and Tough Puppy, who will always be my first children.

So on the way home, I asked Oatmeal to drive to the spot where I spotted the kangaroo.  We saw a man on a tractor and asked him if he happened to own a kangaroo, and he said, “Why yes I do!  Did you meet Joey?” 

Okay so long story short, this guy’s wife asked him for a kangaroo for her birthday one year.  And he said yes.  So they found a kangaroo breeder, and they bought this tiny little kangaroo.  Evidently kangaroos are born very early and they immediately hop into their mom’s pouch where they continue to develop and grow for the next several months.  So they bought the teeny kangaroo, and also bought a kangaroo pouch (???).  They hung the pouch and kangaroo baby on a doorknob inside of their house.  Every 24 hours or so, the baby Joey would stick its head out of the pouch and they’d bottle feed it.  They’d take the pouch outside and the baby would crawl out, go potty, and hop back into it’s pouch.  They’d carry it back inside and hang it back on the doorknob and then the baby would sleep for about a day and then they’d start this process over again.

Okay, I don’t know about you, but now I want a baby kangaroo in a pouch to hang on my doorknob, too! Don’t you??

Christmas is coming up.  It may be time to edit your wish list.  Scratch the leather handbag, and add baby kangaroo.

Eventually Joey got big and would hop out of the pouch and hop around the house so the couple slowly transitioned the kangaroo outdoors.  They bought a stud horse and the kangaroo and the horse became great friends and now they rarely leave each others’ sides.

Naturally I asked the kind gentleman if I could meet the kangaroo, and he said that if we could find Joey, I could meet him.  So off we went, on a trek through the woods, looking for Joey.

And we found him.

Joey was hovering in the brush, and the man told me that if I approached him I could pet him underneath the chin.  He advised me to NOT pet Joey on the head or on the back of the neck, and I paid very close attention to those instructions.  He also advised me to watch my eyes, because Joey has claws and while he does not bite or intentionally use his claws for harm, he sometimes tries to “hug” people and that can end badly.  I thought for a minute about how it would really suck to have my face clawed up by a kangaroo, but it didn’t stop me from petting Joey anyway.

Yep, I scratched him under the chin and then he turned away and I retreated out of the woods, and I was on cloud nine for the rest of the weekend. 

Because I found and pet a kangaroo.  Seriously.

I repeat, I live in Texas.  On the same road as a kangaroo.

I went home and snapped a picture of my belly. 

Hey, 19 week old Poppyseed.  How ya doing in there? 

I think boys are visual creatures, because ever since my belly “popped” my husband has been touching it, kissing it, talking to it, and giving it all sorts of attention.  The best part of pregnancy is waking up and seeing a really handsome, masculine guy smiling at me while he tugs the sheets off of me, pulls my shirt up and puts his ear to my belly.  He’ll say something like, “Hello little baby…. can I hear you today?  Are you in there?  I can’t wait for you to come out…we are going to have so much fun together…  hello… I can’t hear you… what are you doing in there??”

That, people, is bliss.  I don’t care how early it is or how tired I am, I smile every morning.

Until he starts pushing on my belly, trying to “wake the baby up” and it hurts and so I toss his butt out of bed and resume my morning.

Anyway enough mushy crap, I got dressed and went to eat sushi with Sara.  We saw Erin and Wally and it was fun and then I came home. 

Speaking of Sara, I got to hang out with her today, too.  This is Sara and her spoiled dog, Brinn.  We were at a roping arena watching our handsome hubbies compete in a roping competition.

Glad we aren’t the only people who spoil our animals. 

Oatmeal and his horse, Black, won 2nd place.  So he came home with some cash. 

Black is going to be Poppyseed’s horse one day.  I can’t wait.  Black is very gentle and good natured.  He isn’t aggressive or territorial, and he doesn’t spook when you grab his ears or tug on him.  He’ll be good to little Poppyseed.

Welp, that’s the end of this really random post and the end of my weekend.  The end.

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