18 weeks…. and what Lola’s learned so far.

This is me, tonight, which is 18 weeks and 2 days.  If, that is, our first sonogram was correct.  Who really knows?

And here is what I’ve learned… I’m adding it to the blog so that I don’t forget.

  • I felt my first “pregnancy symptom” at about 4 weeks when I made cookies and then insisted they must be rotten because they made me puke.  Oatmeal ate about 8 of them with no problem, which seemed to prove I was wrong.  My second “symptom” was that I was late, and my third was that my chest was really, really, really sore.
  • I always thought I’d get pregnant and tell Oatmeal about it in some creative, cute way.  Nope, I found out in Hunstville, TX and blurted it out to him as soon as I got home.  He immediately plopped down in his recliner and smiled from ear to ear.
  • Food aversions…. ARE THE WORST!  From about 8-13 weeks I pretty much hated all food that wasn’t either cold, crunchy, salty or all of the above.  Raw veggies (broccoli, carrots, cucumber, celery), bananas, and California rolls were my favorite things.  Soup of certain varieties could be tolerated.  I pretty much starved until I ate an entire pizza in one sitting, but then felt as if I’d been revived.  Fruit smoothies and ground hamburger made me puke.  My first “craving” was a milkshake that made me feel absolutely horrible, and then I fell for a second “craving” in the form of a chili dog from Dairy Queen (first fast food meal I had in at least 6 months) which literally tore my stomach up in addition to making me feel horribly guilty for feeding my developing fetus fast food crap.  (Don’t believe people when they tell you to listen to your body… as you can see my body horribly mislead me!  Common sense must be part of the equation!)  Luckily after about 13-14 weeks my taste buds returned to normal.  Back to meat, veggies, fruit, cheese…  and… the occasional scoop of blue bell vanilla ice cream enjoyed in my hubby’s recliner.
  • My doctor has recommended I gain anywhere from 30-45lbs with this pregnancy based on my height and weight.  I gained about 2lbs during the first trimester, but now I’ve gained a total of 9lbs.  I hope that is an okay rate of weight gain.
  • Poor Oatmeal.  He tried, he really did try to understand, but men just don’t.  It had to have been confusing to see his new wife go from eagerly planning and cooking every meal, packing his lunches, and blogging about food and recipes to absolutely hating food, avoiding all grocery stores, and forcing him to cook everything outside on the grill to avoid “stinking up the house” with the smell of meat.  He was pretty much worried to death that I was going to eat nothing but pizza and fast food and deprive our kid of nutrients.  Luckily I have a husband who will (1) cook for himself, (2) grocery shop, and (3) at least attempt to understand.  Next pregnancy I guess this will be old hat for us both. 
  • We’re still dead set on waiting for the birth to find the sex.  I’m already getting tired of other people saying, “OMG how will you plan for your baby?”  Why do people believe we cannot properly raise a child without having pink or blue painted walls or onesies on standby the very second it pops out of my body? These things will come, and our kid will not be stuck in yellow and green for its entire life, I assure you.  Somehow our parents had us without knowing our sex (or at least mine did) and we turned out A-okay.  Never once in my entire life has my mom said, “Oh my God, it would have made life SO MUCH EASIER to have painted your room pink before you were born.” 
  • We have names picked out, though they aren’t set in stone. And we aren’t telling you what they are!  HOW ANNOYING ARE WE!?!  I know.  I know.  Very annoying.  This isn’t because they are so original that we fear you may steal them, it’s really just because no one can say they don’t like them after our kid is already in the world.  People pretty much have no choice to say, “Oh we LOVE the name Maximus Achilles Griffin!” if they are face to face with little Maximus.  That was Oatmeal’s first choice if we have a boy.  Um, no.  We are not going with his first choice.  Naming a kid Maximus is just asking for bad karma, we’d probably end up having a midget.
  • Registering for babies at stores like Babies R Us and Target (or anywhere) feels a lot like putting a blindfold on, spinning around 10 times, and then rolling a bowling ball in the direction that you HOPE the pins are.
  • I thought that women started to have a hard time sleeping when they were actually really really pregnant.  Nope, the first trimester I had a hard time sleeping because of having to pee every few hours, and now that I’m in the second trimester I continue to toss and turn.  I’m either having a hard time getting comfy, or too busy thinking about snuggling my little Poppyseed to sleep. 
  • Oatmeal hasn’t slept well either.  I guess this rubs off on the guys.
  • I have a lot of tiny little cramps in my lower belly.  Perhaps this is Poppyseed trying to stretch me out.
  • I am using coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint oil to moisturize.  The chemicals and parabens and other such ingredients in store-bought bottles make me nervous.
  • Despite all of these “symptoms,” I really love being pregnant.  I admit it took me a few weeks to get used to the idea (okay I admit I cried my eyes out off and on for a solid month or maybe even a little more), but now it’s a really fun feeling.  I can’t wait to see my wee one in person for the first time.  I kind of feel bad for men because they can’t experience this feeling of growing a mini-person.  It is a really amazing feeling that I truly cannot describe, so I won’t try. 

So… place your bets now!  Boy or girl???

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