Lola and Poppyseed Give Some Updates (8 Days Old)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday.  Talk about the fastest (and most life changing) week I’ve ever had.

The past 9 days have been a really crazy experience and it’s been 100% awesome (if not somewhat overwhelming) ever since we got home.

Some Poppyseed Updates:

  • The first few days that we had Poppyseed, she was so overwhelmed with this new world!  (Understandable, right?)  She cried pretty much any time we moved or handled her, and she also cried when we didn’t move or handle her.  Luckily we were able to get her to sleep easily by holding her and shushing her into her ear while patting her back, and she learned how to nurse quickly, so she spent the majority of her time eating or sleeping… not so much time fussing.  However, Oatmeal and I both noticed that today was the first day that we can do little things with her (such as change her diaper, or let me hand her off to Oatmeal after I feed her) without her starting a lot of squawking.  She will peer at us while her diaper is changed, or make funny little expressions with her mouth, but she won’t always cry.  We feel really good about this because we feel like she must be beginning to trust us and recognize these activities as normal and not so scary.
  • Each night of sleep has been completely different.  We’ve gone from her sleeping the entire night on my chest (night #1) to her sleeping the entire night in her bassinet (last night… other than when we had feedings of course).  I really want to get her comfortable sleeping in her own little bassinet because I sleep so much better when she is in there right next to us but not with us, so I am really happy with the progress we’ve made so far.  It’s a tricky thing to get her in there!  She has to be completely zonked out and then she has to be laid in the bassinet sooooooooo delicately and carefully or she will wake up within seconds of being placed in there.  Then she will fuss and cry and so we’ll pick her up, soothe, and try again.  Actually as I typed this blog post, Oatmeal walked by me with her cradled in his arms, attempted to lie her in the bassinet and then I heard cries.  Hey, we’ll get it sooner or later!
  • We took her to her pediatrician on Friday, when she was only 5 days old.  For some reason, the pediatrician in the hospital insisted she be seen by our pediatrician on Friday because he said the AMA just changed the guidelines for breastfed babies.  Supposedly now the guidelines instruct parents to have their babies seen the first week and the second week.  Well my pediatrician thought that was bunk, she was sorry that I was instructed to come so soon since Poppyseed was being exposed to an office full of germs when she was so tiny.  But, at least it was a chance to weigh her (she was back up to her birth weight of 6lbs 10oz) and have a brief chat with our new doctor.  It also gave us a reason to leave the house, and even though we just went straight to the doctor and back home, it was nice to have a change of scenery.
  • Poppyseed has been blessed with SO many wonderful gifts since she arrived.  I knew that all of her aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins would be excited to shop for gender-appropriate clothing.  I know that when my SIL gave birth to her daughter, I was so excited to hear it was a girl that I went straight to Target to buy little baby girl clothes.  But, the AMOUNT of sweet gifts we have received has just been so amazing and a huge blessing.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and also friends!  Even Oatmeal’s work colleagues sent gifts home with him yesterday.  It’s like Christmas for Poppy!  She now has plenty of pink, purple and otherwise girly colors in her wardrobe. Plus lots of diapers, books (I can’t wait until we get into a nighttime routine and start reading to her before bed), blankets, and other miscellaneous baby items.  Poppyseed’s Granddaddy Griffin even planted a pecan tree so that we could always look at it and say, “That tree was planted the week that she was born and look how big it is now!”  All very special gifts.

Now… what it feels like to be a week and few days postpartum…

I feel really fortunate because I almost feel like my old self.  Other than some breastfeeding challenges (let’s just say I got off to a bit of a rocky start, but I’m on the up and up) I feel pretty much like me again.

I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom anymore!  In fact, I can go for HOURS without going to the restroom, even though I’m drinking buckets of water!  IT IS AMAZING!

I have to admit, I still cry a little every day.  Sometimes because I’m tired, or overwhelmed, or at a loss.  And sometimes, I think I cry for no reason at all.  But… such is the norm for a brand new mother, I suppose.

At first I was (stop reading now if you are a single guy or any person not familiar or interested in childbirth) completely shocked at the amount of bleeding that the mother experiences in the early days after childbirth.  I mean, I’d been warned, but…. wow.  Glad that part is over!  (Sorry for the TMI statement but if you are a mom you know what I mean!)

It’s crazy to not have the belly anymore.  At first my tummy was completely soft and pooched out, but it’s been really crazy to see that every day it sort of flattens and returns to how it looked before.  All my friends told me that I would feel really skinny after the baby was born, and that’s so true!  I know I will probably look at pictures of me from these early weeks in the future and say, “wow I look rough!” but the truth is that when you lose 20lbs in a week, you pretty much feel small no matter what.  One thing that was really weird that first few days was my belly button.  If I leaned back (like when I was reclined in the bed) my tummy would sink in and I’d have an innie again.  But if I was standing and slightly leaning forward, it would pop out to an outie!  I was afraid it may stay like that forever!  HA!  But, it’s already back to its old self.

The sad part is that I (for some dumb reason) decided to try on my old jeans a few days ago.  Of course they did not fit, what was I thinking?  But you know what?  This was what my body was intended to do – have this sweet baby and feed her.  Skinny jeans will have to wait.  In reality I may not even have to wait long because I have been eating 100% primal since her birth.  This is because I am basically trapped at the house with Poppyseed and eating only Oatmeal’s cooking… and he NEVER cheats!  I swear my husband is so hardcore!  So I have not been able to get my Starbucks or dark chocolate fixes on the go.  I am eating so healthy… salmon, kale, eggs, bananas, berries, grilled chicken, pork roast, grassfed beef, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes… and all because my husband is doing the shopping and cooking!  What a blessing… and a curse… haha!  😉

And you know what, I always thought it was perfectly fine for a breastfeeding mom to have a drink with dinner.  I even asked Oatmeal to grab me some gluten-free beer (yes there is such a thing and I actually like the taste) this past weekend.  I’ve had a lot of people tell me that there is an old wives tail about a 4pm beer helping a mom’s letdown reflex, because a mom’s milk supply is lowest in the later PM hours.  I will admit that by 5pm or so, my milk factories are really begging to close up shop for the evening. But I drank one over the weekend, and I felt HORRIBLY guilty all night.  I know I’ll eventually get back to a drink with dinner every so often, but I think my baby is going to have to be SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than the beverage before it happens.  She is just such a sweet little tiny thing that I don’t want to chance anything!  So all that talk of “I’m having a glass of wine every night after the baby is born” was just that after all… talk.

And visitors… we love visitors.  We welcome anyone that want to come by and meet our wee one.  We do like a good bit of warning, and early in the days (or weekends) are best, just simply so I can adjust my nursing schedule a bit.  She’s fussy and less flexible at night.  For example a few days ago we had someone come by right when Poppyseed was hungry and I felt really bad that they really didn’t get to see much baby because she was under my nursing cover the whole time.  But, hey, such is life with a newborn.

It takes a really long time for me to upload pictures, but here are some of the week… 🙂

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  1. Jamie Lin says:

    Holy jeez… you’re skinny.

  2. What a pretty pretty baby girl! And you look great! Congrats to you guys… so happy for y’all!

  3. Natasha says:

    What a sweet little nugget! Love the updates and the pics and so glad y’all are doing great!

    Love to you all!

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