Our first purchase for Poppyseed!

I’m a majority rules kinda gal… MOST of the time.

(Except for when I don’t agree with the majority, of course.)

So when I posted a question on Facebook asking all of my mommy friends which stroller to buy, I ended up wanting the BOB.  Lots of the responses were from friends and acquaintances who own and swear by the BOB stroller.  So, I took their word for it and did some research and became convinced that this was the stroller for us.

BUT… holy cow they are pricey! For the price of one of these things, I could buy several cribs!

Not to worry, there is a little thing called Craiglist, and if you are not familiar you should become familiar.  I posted an ad on Craigslist and soon got an email from a girl who is expecting twins and needed to sell her single BOB stroller so that she can buy a double BOB.  It was the style I wanted, and I had been hoping for either a navy or a black one since those are both fairly neutral colors.  (We are still set on waiting until delivery to find out if Poppyseed is a gent or a lady.)  It was navy, and I was sold!

I sent my sweet Oatmeal into town to pick it up.  It’s so clean it’s like new, and we paid only 60% of what we would have paid at Babies R Us!  I love deals!

When Oatmeal got home it was already dark, but we still went on a quick little power walk up and down our road.  By the way, our street is not a street, it’s a road.  Which consists of dirt and gravel.  Pavement?  Not a chance, the pavement starts about 2 miles down the road.  But, not to worry, because the suspension on this thing is AWESOME! 

After taking turns pushing our empty baby stroller up and down our dark road, while oohing and aaahing at how cool it was, we decided to put something heavy in the stroller to imitate having an actual baby in there. 

“Tough Puppy!  Get in Poppyseed’s stroller!”

Tough Puppy acted as if he’d been waiting for this command his whole life and happily hopped in. 

Behold, Lola and Tough Puppy and our new BOB – 15 weeks prego!  I can’t believe I have to wait 25 whole weeks to meet our kid.  I see some stroller runs with Tough Puppy in our future between now and then.

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