Perhaps a blog comeback.

It’s been a month, I haven’t blogged.

It’s really because there are so many things that I could blog about that I never knew where to start, and then I’d simply fall asleep.

First, we found out I am pregnant.

Then, I was wiggin’ out because I was afraid I’d miscarry for some reason. 

Then, I stopped wiggin’ out and got really, really, excited.  Oatmeal had pretty much already been feeling this way, and he was happy that I started to feel happy and less worried.

Then, we decided to move.  Lots of realtors, house looking, internet searching later… we decided not to move.  We renewed our lease.  You just can’t beat a 3 bedroom house with a barn on 3 acres for less than a grand a month.  Especially when it’s in an area so safe and remote that we can literally sleep with the doors unlocked.

Note to all stalkers:  Just because you know we sleep with the doors unlocked now doesn’t mean you have an invitation to break in.  We have dogs.  And cell phones.  And neighbors.  And protection.  And my husband has the strength of a 300lb man, and the speed of a cheetah.  Don’t mess with him.


Then I freaked out about day care.  Then I found a day care.  Then we interviewed the day care, and at first I freaked out because the infant room was tiny.  But then, I realized that infants are also tiny, and don’t typically need rooms the size of a gymnasium to sprint around in.  Then I freaked out because the sweet little babies were all sleeping soundly and not having a lot of fun.  Then I remembered that at 0-5 months of age, sleeping is a good and normal thing.  Then I freaked out because I saw that the day care provides lunch in the form of hot dogs, crackers, and cookies.  Then I chilled out because it is absolutely an option to supply our own food when our Poppyseed begins eating solids, and of course not every day is hot dog day.  I think we may have caught them on an off day.  Then Oatmeal announced to all of the daycare employees that we WOULD be supplying my breast milk.  The daycare ladies immediately decided they liked Oatmeal very much.  I started to feel better.  We liked the daycare.  The employees were all very experienced, kind people.  We put down a deposit. 

Side note:  If for some reason I have trouble breastfeeding our kid, I halfway expect Oatmeal will find out a way to express breast milk from his own body.  He is THAT on board with breastfeeding babies.  I hear about some guys being all weirded out by breastfeeding.  Not in our house.  I’m lucky. 

I think.

Let’s be honest, we also liked that the day care is 6.0 miles from Grand-Joanie and Granddaddy.  Oatmeal’s parents are the most hands on grandparents I have ever seen in my life. 

Let’s be even more honest, Grand-Joanie is going to be a baby snatcher.  I kinda doubt my kid will spend any time at all in day care at first.  I have a feeling I’ll be dropping off Poppyseed at day care at 8am, and Poppyseed will be picked up by Grand-Joanie at about 8:07am.   

And here is the disclaimer: Grand-Joanie has 8 other grandkids, this will be her 9th.  So not only is she (and Granddaddy) in demand by 8 other kiddos, but she runs a business of her own, and also has a life.  So no, I am not counting on my sweet MIL to raise my kid for me, but I bet most of us agree that having a sweet set of grandparents 6 miles from our wee one is comforting.  I am comforted.

You know what I just realized?  My Sissy’s kids already call our dad Granddaddy.  And, all 8 grandkids on Oatmeal’s side call his dad Granddaddy.  So is Poppyseed destined to have TWO Granddaddies?  This will just not work. 

I bet Poppyseed will sort that whole thing out. 

You know what’s already hard about being an almost mommy?  Everyone has an opinion!  And you know what?  At this point, since I know nothing, I value everyone’s opinion!  But everyone’s opinion is different!  What if one sister tells me that A worked for her baby, but my best friend tells me that B worked for her baby, but then my 3 SILs tell me that C, D, and E worked for their babies?  Well then I feel obligated to try A-E just because they are ALL darn good moms.  But I just can’t afford 5 strollers, y’know? 

Whew, being an almost-mommy is conflicting.

And that is the end of my blog.

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