We made it to day 12…

Ah, Saturday.

I made it through the first week of Oatmeal being back at work.  Poppyseed and I had a lot of help from my MIL, who came over in the mornings to make me breakfast and hold her some so I could do some housework and take a shower.

Some updates:

  • We went back to the pediatrician yesterday for her 2 week checkup, though it was 3 days early.  Poppyseed is already 3oz over her birth weight!  That was a huge relief for Lola!  I’d been stressing out that I may not make enough milk, or that my feeding schedule was a bad idea, and also that Poppyseed sleeps so long at night without eating.  But, all is well for now, so I will keep it up and I should have a seven pounder before long.
  • My friend Amy is in town!  She flew in to take pictures of Poppyseed for me… so exciting.  I can’t wait to see all her great shots and put them on this blog!  She and I were college roommates.  Now she is a photographer.  She is one of my best friends, and having her around the house for a few nights is really nice company.
  • I braved leaving the house!  Oatmeal and I had talked about me waiting 2 weeks before I went anywhere with Poppyseed, but Amy needed a way to my house after getting into town so I just decided to go.  I strapped Poppy into her carseat and she was asleep in minutes.  BUT.  One hour later, I was in rush hour traffic, and the stop and go awakened her.  She screamed.  And screamed.  And screamed.  Finally I got to Amy, where I was able to stop and nurse her.  Then we went to target, where she screamed some more.  Then we drove home, and she screamed the entire 60 miles home.  My nerves were pretty much shot.  Oh, to live in the suburbs 5 minutes from the grocery, Target, etc.  Not that I really want to live in the suburbs, because it’s so peaceful and wonderful here and it’s where Oatmeal is the most happy.  But I do wish we lived closer to something.  I’ll get better at this driving with a baby thing, I’m sure.
  • Today I nursed her and it didn’t hurt!  I mean sometimes the latch hurts, but it either goes away after a few minutes.  If it doesn’t go away, I unlatch her and try again and get a better latch.  What a HUGE relief!!
  • Poppyseed went on her first horseback ride yesterday – at the ripe age of 11 days.  Whew.  Lola has an additional gray hair now.
  • We got a moby wrap!  Oatmeal actually did an hour of yardwork today while wearing her.  Those things are sweet!  I’ll be wearing her next time I go to Target, that’s for sure.
  • Challenge #1: Sweet Poppyseed is generally a happy baby.  She always looks a bit skeptical, but she isn’t really fussy most of the time.  However, once mid to late afternoon arrives (3pm or later) we enter what we will call her “witching hour.”  It is HORRIBLE. She cries, and cries, and cries.  She’ll start to do the droopy-eyed thing and then suddenly start crying again.  It is so frustrating because I don’t yet know her cries and know if she’s in pain, tired, frustrated, or whatever!  I try walking with her, nursing her again even when I’m pretty sure she isn’t hungry (it’s hard to tell because the child actually NEVER unlatches on her own… if I let her go until she stopped sucking I’d still be there this time tomorrow), we try rocking, we try just lying her down and petting her, change her diaper, etc.  This pretty much lasts the rest of the day.  And this leads into…..
  • Challenge #2:  I can’t get Poppyseed to sleep any other way other than in contact with us.  We are just NOT ready for cry-it-out yet, so that seems to leave few options.  (And honestly, even if I were up for cry-it-out, I don’t think it would even work after seeing her cry so energetically for the 75 minute car ride.)  We’ll swaddle her, rock her, she falls asleep, and then I slowly and carefully put her in her bassinet with her Sleep Sheep.  This seems to work for the mid-morning nap – I can generally get her to sleep in there for 30-90 minutes.  After that, no way.  I put her down, she immediately wakes up and cries.  And I don’t mean that she just fusses a little, sure it starts out as just fussing but soon it’s all out wailing.  I pick her up, soothe, try again, usually she ends up just sleeping in my lap while I watch TV.  Same thing at night… only 1 night have I gotten her in her bassinet.  So I know it can be done!  But how!?!?!

So right now, it’s witching hour.  She’s been fussy since about 5.  She will NOT go down for a nap.  I nursed, and I nursed again.  I swaddled, I unswaddled.  I rocked, I stopped rocking.  I started to get frustrated so Oatmeal took over.  He put her in the moby and walked her around the yard and that actually put her to sleep for about a half hour.  But now, I’m in the bathtub, with the music on, and I can hear her screaming over the sound.  She was so happy earlier today, but this is the 4th day in a row we’ve seen this late-afternoon fussiness.  I don’t know folks, I guess just pray for us.  I just need to repeat to myself, “This is a stage… this is just a stage…”


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  1. Sarah Copes says:

    Its a stage and its called gas…always happens in the afternnon. You have probably already heard this from your sister and friends. We have the same thing here. I feel for you because I am going through the same thing here. Best wishes and good luck. I was told you cant hold them to much at the beginning, but mine is spoiled too now!

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