we have an announcement.

Welp.  We are multiplying. 

In mid April of next year, we’re going to welcome the world’s next little horseback ridin’, whip poppin’, joke tellin’, barefoot runnin’, sarcastic speakin’, hard workin’ little Aggie cowboy or cowgirl. 

And if it’s NOT all of those things… well… we’re putting it back so it can bake a little longer and then come out when it’s ready. 

Lola’s only 8 weeks along…and we know, we know, we know it’s real early to be telling people.  But we stink at keeping secrets, and we’re just so darn excited about it.  We just couldn’t wait to share it.  So, if you’re the praying type, please say some prayers for our little Poppyseed. 

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