Pre-Maternity Leave Begins!

Today is Monday, and it’s 7:47am, and I’m still in my bathrobe, slippers, messy bun on top of head, in the recliner. 

It’s Monday and I’m not working!  Wooohooo!

I work for an international sales company, and I am really happy with their maternity leave policy.  I actually get 3 weeks of pre-maternity leave.  Of course I originally thought, “Ha!  I don’t need pre-maternity leave!  My mom worked on the day I was born, and so will I!  I mean what would I do with myself all day for 3 weeks if I weren’t working?  I’d be so bored!“  I told the lady at HR that I would not be using this leave and that I instead would like to use the 3 weeks of pre-maternity leave AFTER I had the baby.  Unfortunately, that is not allowed.  The 3 weeks can only be taken before the due date.  If I have the baby early, I lose some free days.  If I have the baby late, I gain some free days.  Still, I told her that I would only be taking the true maternity leave after the baby arrived. 

Yeah…. at about 32 weeks pregnant, Lola completely changed her mind about that!  I called HR back and told them I’d take 2 of the 3 weeks.  Then last week I called HR a third time and said, “Okay, you got me, sign me up for all of it.”

What can I say, I love my job, but I love benefits, too!

When the baby is born, I get 6 weeks of maternity leave.  Then I am going to take one week of “Family Caregiver Leave” after that.   After 7 weeks of being a mama, I’m going to return to work part time.  I’m able to return to work part time for the 8 weeks immediately following my maternity leave.  During that time, I can either work 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week.  I think that for the first month I will work only 2 times a week.  During that time Poppyseed is going to stay with my MIL and FIL.  (THANK GOD FOR LOCAL AND LOVING IN-LAWS.  I truly feel for people who do not get along with their inlaws.)  That way Oatmeal and I are not fretting about putting an 8 week old baby in day care.  We’d like to get to the 3 month mark before we do that.  We’ll see.  These are all just “plans” of course, and I hear that having a baby changes these things we control freaks like to refer to as plans. 

But, on Friday I felt so excited!  Three (potential) weeks of no work!  Three last weeks of independence and doing my own thing before baby comes. 

So, what do I plan to do with myself during my maternity leave? 

  • Clean!
  • Plant a tomato and herb garden.
  • Cook.  Freeze.  Repeat.
  • Pilates!  Lots and lots of Pilates with Kat.
  • Catch up with old friends.
  • Relax!  Maybe see a movie or two.

I’m really excited.  This weekend was a great kick off to the three weeks.  We stayed in on Friday and just relaxed.  On Saturday I relaxed around the house and that evening we made plans with Erin and Wally to go into town and eat crawfish at Rajin Cajun. 

And here is a really lovely picture of the newlyweds.  I know, I know, not quite Facebook material, but I can get away with putting in my blog.  No tags!

We had a great time visiting while we were eating.  There was a running joke going on all night because lately everyone has been telling me, “You’ll never do that again!“  Here are some examples:

You’re going to a movie?  Enjoy!  After the baby comes you’ll never do that again!”

“You’re going to dinner?  Enjoy!  After the baby comes you’ll never do that again!”

“You’re going on a road trip?  Enjoy!  After the baby comes you’ll never do that again!

I mean, c’mon people!  What is with all of the pessimistic comments?  So we joked all night about how everything we did may be our last time.  “We’re in Houston eating dinner!  After the baby comes, we’ll never come to Houston ever again!“  “We’re going to a movie!  After the baby comes, we’ll never set foot into a movie theater again!“  “We’re eating crawfish!  After the baby comes, we’ll never touch another crawfish for the rest of our lives!”  “We’re hanging out with Erin and Wally… after the baby comes we’ll never talk to Erin or Wally ever again!”

Hey, maybe you just had to be there.

Actually one of the things I am really looking forward to is hanging out with Wally and Erin after Poppyseed arrives.  Wally is really funny with kids, and Erin is kind of scared of babies.  There’s nothing more funny than giving a newlywed couple who have ZERO plans to have their own kids anytime soon a baby and sitting back and laughing at how awkward they act because of it. 

Well, I’m off to do something productive.  Today’s goals…

  • Plant my tomato and herb plants.
  • Pilates with Kat in Houston!
  • Hang out with Johanna.
  • Exchange my carseat.  I registered for the old model and now they don’t sell bases anymore.  Oops.
  • Cook something yummy for Oatmeal tonight.

Happy Monday!

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