9 days ’til Oatmeal “Goes Ruck”

On September 9, Oatmeal is going to be participating in the Go Ruck Challenge in NYC.

For those of you who don’t like to click links, I’ll allow the laziness and just tell you what a Go Ruck is. Well, to start off, the challenge is a pretty big deal. 15-20 miles.  Roughly 8-10 hours.  It’s clearly defined as being a challenge, NOT a race.  So imagine roughly 30-40 people running together, doing pushups together, carrying logs, carrying each other, running, swimming and more…. only doing it as a team and not as a race.  It’s more of a “are you mentally tough?” kind of thing than a “who finishes first?” kind of thing. 

Oh, and they have to wear a backpack.  Full of… bricks. Yep.  This is how my husband (and my brother) like to spend their time, money, and vacation days.  Whatever.  I am just happy to be going to Manhattan with my husband… something I never thought would happen.

So we fly up there on Thursday the 8th and will take it easy on Friday morning.  On Friday the 9th at 7pm, I ask you to all begin praying.  Ha.  Pray that my honey, my kid brother Jimmy, and Oatmeal’s buddy Dos make it through the race safely and successfully.  Oatmeal has been training consistently and I know he will do very well.  But, accidents happen and I will still sleep better when it’s all said and done. 

Here’s a video of a past Go Ruck Challenge in the Big Apple in case you want a better idea of what will be going on. 

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