Poppyseed is 3 Weeks Old

Today marks the 3rd week of Poppyseed’s life!

This morning I was up feeding her at 2:20am, and I was thinking to myself…

“Man… it’s really darn early, and I’m really stinking tired.  BUT, it could be worse… I could be 7cm dilated and kicking myself for skipping out on an epidural!!”

Ha!  Oh, but the little arrival we got 3 hours later made it oh so worth it.

Some Poppyseed updates:

  • Road trip!  Poppyseed went on a road trip this weekend.  The three of us went to Ruston to meet her Grammy.  It was great seeing my own mom on Mother’s Day.  She also got to meet her Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sabrina, and her cousin Piper.  Poppyseed actually did really great on the way there and back.  She only fussed a little bit during the 14 hour round trip, so I was relieved.
  • Mothers Day was wonderful.  It was actually a really special day because she got to spend time with all 5 grandparents!  She not only saw my mom in Ruston, but she got to see my dad and stepmom also.  Then when we drove back to Texas we stopped by Oatmeal’s parents’ home.  Busy day, but full of good family time.
  • Every day is different.  Some days she is such a peaceful little baby.  We are following the eat/wake/sleep routine very loosely, so usually our days follow this pattern:  She wakes up and immediately begins rooting.  I feed her for about 30 minutes, sometimes more, and then we have a little time where she is really happy and sort of “milk drunk” for a while.  Then I rock her to sleep.  Sometimes I get her to sleep well before she is hungry again.  But, sometimes she is very alert until her next meal.  I try to get her to take more naps, but it’s like she is too interested in this world to sleep through it!  So most days follow the eat… stay awake… go to sleep… repeat.
  • However, some days she is not so peaceful.  She’ll be a little more fussy, even after meals, and I feel like I have to try everything to get her nice and calm.  She’ll start to cry and I immediately go through a mental checklist.. ..Hungry?  Nope.  Dirty diaper?  Nope.  Wet diaper?  Nope.  Need to burp?  Nope.  Just needs some TLC?  Maybe… so I swaddle her up and rock her.   If a few minutes pass with no success, I take it from the top and do it all again.
  • Poppyseed still seems to prefer to eat every 2.5-3 hours, other than late at night.  I still set my alarm for 3am even though countless people have told me I don’t need to do that.  I guess I’m just a paranoid mama and want to make sure my little tyke gets plenty of feedings.  I’m afraid to let her go more than 4-5 hours without eating until she is a bit older.
  • I absolutely love the evenings in our house.  I start to really watch the clock around 3 or 4pm each day, because I know that Oatmeal will call and tell me he is on his way home soon.  He usually gets home around 6pm.  It’s a relief to have him at home because I get a little bit of a break.  But really, it’s just sweet to see the two of them together.  He loves to hold and cuddle her, and he doesn’t get frazzled when she is fussy.  It’s funny how having a baby changes a marriage, but in a good way!

A quick thank you to the girls who helped me figure out the Moby Wrap.  A few of you commented that if I just put on the wrap without making it all smooth, it would hold her better.  It definitely worked much better!  I just throw it on now, and I make the first loop around my waist REALLY tight.  This supports her little body much more so than when I was smoothing it out and making it all neat and perfect, plus it’s a lot faster this way.  Thanks so much!


A little exhausted after our 7 hour trip home, but happy to be spending my first Mother's Day with family.


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