Gluten Free NYC Bakery! Discovered by Lola.

In lieu of going to NYC in less than 3 weeks, Lola has been doing some scavenging around on the internet to try and find some yummy restaurants where we can stay “semi-primal.”  By then Lola’s Primal Challenge will have ended, and we will be back to eating a little more loosely Primal. 

While I say we will be “loosely Primal” and have some cheat meals, we don’t want to go completely nuts, so I googled “gluten free restaurants NYC” and came up with TONS of options!  There are pizza parlors out there with gluten free crust, people!  And gluten-free pasta!  Now of course these are probably made with chickpeas, beans, corn or some type of starchy substitute and not the most optimal sources of nutrition, but a good “cheat without being TOO cheaty” option for our vacation food.  I mean c’mon, we can’t go to NYC and not have pizza, right?

But even MORE enticing is this bakery I found… which I will be visiting… maybe even more than once. 

This is the chick who started the store.  She was diagnosed as celiac in 2008 and started this little bakery as a coping mechanism.  I like the way she thinks.


*All photos taken from Tu-Lus Gluten Free Bakery Website.

But, I may have just ordered some cookies ahead of time.  To be mailed here to Texas. 

As in, I’ll be eating them BEFORE our trip to NYC, but after our Challenge.  You know, as a reward.  I have to make sure the cookies are good before we go scout the place out in NYC in three weeks, right? 

All in the name of research.  I’ll let you know how they taste. 


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