Our baby is 1 month old.

Yesterday, Poppyseed turned 1 month old!  And boy, did I ask a lot of her.  We drove into Houston and went on so many errands.  Babies R Us to exchange some things, Target for some random things, Macy’s for some makeup for me, HEB for some odd and ends, and lunch at Ruggles. Basically she spent about 8 hours in and out of the car and stroller all day.  My flexible little baby did so good!

My friend Caylin was in town, which means it was possible to run ALL of these errands in one swoop!  Caylin was such a huge help, she did things like hand me pacifiers, hold the baby, help me unload/load things, and just converse with me for the past few days about baby and non-baby related topics.  Her visit was AMAZING for me.  I am so sad that she is gone.

At 1 Month, Poppyseed is…

  • So alert.  Books tell me that babies will stay awake for anywhere from 5-15 minutes after nursing most of the time.  Not my baby – she is a very wide eyed and alert little one.   She seems to be most alert in the morning, which I think makes sense because she sleeps well at night.
  • Still eats every 2.5-3 hours, unless our schedule is sort of crazy like yesterday in which case I just feed her when she seems to be hungry.  At night I feed her a “dream feed” between 10-11pm, which is tough because she’s sooooo sleepy and I can barely get her awake.  But then she sleeps until about 3am, and wakes me up to eat again, and then I put her down around 3:30-3:45 and she usually sleeps until about 6am.  This morning I got really lucky – she slept until 7:15am!
  • I could be wrong because I haven’t been around many newborns, but she seems abnormally strong for a 7lb human!  When she roots she sort of headbangs and it’s crazy how strong her little neck is.  Also when she is really worked up and hungry, her arms go crazy and she does this thing where she puts her hands in her mouth.  It is actually really hard to move her arms so that I can get her latched and feed her because she fights back.  Kind of funny, but really kind of amazing!
  • She has far less fussy periods than during the first two weeks.  Or, maybe I’ve just gotten better at calming her down.  Sometimes when shes fusses and sort of gradually gets worked up, I just pick her up and she calms down, so I suppose she just wanted to be held.  Other times when she very suddenly gets worked up, I usually discover she has a dirty diaper.
  • She loves sleeping with us.  Sometimes we snuggle her in bed during the early mornings, and we both still love to take naps with her on the couch or recliner.
  • She sleeps in her bassinet so well at night!  I will be sad when she grows out of it and moves to her crib.  Sigh.
  • Yesterday I noticed that her Size Newborn onesies are tight on her.  It broke my heart!  How is my baby already ready to wear size 0-3 month clothes?  She hasn’t even worn all of her newborn onesies yet – I can’t pack them up and put them away yet!
  • Cloth diapers are going well!  She doesn’t seem to mind that they are so big on her.  I still use disposables overnight, mainly because I worry that she’ll feel more wet and wake up more often if not.  Plus, until she is 8lbs she is technically too small for the cloth diapers I have for her, so she is more prone to leak.
  • She makes the funniest faces!  She will make her lips into a little circle and we call this the “Hoot Owl” face.  She also glares a lot, which we refer to as her “Angry Baby” or “Mad Munchkin” faces.  She is very expressive!
  • Poppyseed has a pretty good case of baby acne right now.  It popped up when she was about 2 weeks old and she still has it.  I keep thinking it’s something I am eating, but I read that it has something to do with my hormones.  All of the things I’ve read basically just say, “Stop worrying about your baby’s acne, because your baby certainly doesn’t care about it!”  I’m sure it will clear up over time.

What it’s like being 1 month postpartum….

  • I feel like myself again, only with the muffin top and constantly sore boobs.  I went on a long walk today and broke a good sweat because of all the hills and having to push her stroller.  I also did some planks, lunges and squats.  It was nice to actually sweat again.
  • I put on my jeans yesterday….. and… they… FIT!  Hooray hooray!  Now sure, there is the muffin top, but it’s progress, right!?
  • I am getting used to this whole mom thing!  I already feel like I’ve had her forever.  I am sort of used to our little routine now, and while it’s exhausting at times, I really like it.
  • The only downside is how lonely I can get sometimes.  I am good about calling my friends (especially those who don’t work and are able to talk in the middle of the day), and I do truly try to keep myself busy.  I guess it’s just because our home is really so remote, and I can’t just run into Target or grab or dinner with a friend on a whim anymore.  I mean, there is this blog, and cell phones, and facebook, so I kind of feel like I keep up and stay social.  But how personal is it really if it involves a keypad and screen?
  • Breastfeeding.  Ohhhhh breastfeeding.  Caylin (not a mom) put it best yesterday when she said, “I guess I’m a little shocked at how often you have to breastfeed!”  Well, me too.  I’m shocked at how often I have to feed her and how long she eats, and I only feed her 8 times a day and have heard of other moms feeding much more than that.  I sometimes feel like my life revolves around it.  At this point I’ve fed her in almost every grocery store parking lot I’ve been to, plus in Ruggles the other day while I was eating a salad.  I’m still having some trouble but nothing that I feel like posting about, but when I’m frustrated or hurting I remind myself of (1) how good it is for her, and (2) how far we’ve come since she was born.  I keep telling myself, “Just imagine how second nature it will probably be this time next month… and you won’t have to feed her quite as much as she gets older.”  That keeps me going.  I won’t give up, but I can totally understand why a lot of girls don’t do it now that I’m in their shoes.  I think it comes so naturally for some girls, but for others it just takes a while to figure it all out.  The things you do for your babies!  Whew!

It’s been a fantastic month.  I’m sure that this time next month I’ll be in shock at how much she’s grown and changed.  Guess we’ll see.  🙂


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  1. Aunt Fran says:

    Head & Shoulders works for most babies for both the acne & the cradle cap they sometimes get. Just rub it on and use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Do not use bar soaps on her. Bar soaps leave a waxy residue on the skin that can cause reactions no matter how “natural” they say they are.
    Yes, it is amazing how strong they are even right after birth! Sounds like you’re putting in a lot of hard work on the nursing! Remember that if you pump as well as nurse you will produce faster and produce more. You can freeze it and start saving up for when you go back to work. Sounds like she is gaining weight well! Nursing 8 times a day sounds right to me. If you were bottle feeding, you would be feeding the same number of times.
    Laura, it sounds like you three have all gotten comfortable in your roles as members of a family! I can’t believe a month has flown by so fast! Keep up the good work and I am very proud of all of you!

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