Poppyseed the Tooter

Dear Lord, give me strength.

We are 5 weeks and 2 days old.  Today started off a bit different than most.  Poppyseed was very squirmy this morning, refusing to nap on my chest after I gave her breakfast.  But, she was somewhat pleasant all morning, as shown below.  That picture was taken around 9:30am, when she was content to just sit around and chill.  And toot.  Because that’s what she’s been doing pretty much every 5 minutes for the past 36 hours.

At about 10am, she began having a HUGE meltdown.  I mean she was truly upset.  Oh by the way, as of yesterday she stopped producing any dirty diapers.  Supposedly this is normal for her age, they can go 7-10 days without anything but wets!  (Holy cow!!)  So she was freaking out and I was wondering if her tummy was hurting her.  I swaddled her, and literally by the time I was finished with the swaddle she was out cold.  She took a 2.5 hour nap and then she woke up and I fed her.

She tooted all day.  Seriously, 5 minutes does not pass without it.  Most of the time she does not seem bothered.  But when she starts wailing, of course I cannot help but wonder if her tummy is cramped up.

My MIL came over after lunch.  She took care of her while I worked out briefly and took a shower.  Then another meltdown – I decided to try nursing her again even though I usually wait until mid-afternoon to do this.  She ate well that time, and my MIL agreed it was a good idea to feed her even though it hadn’t been long since her last meal.   My MIL left and she continued to fuss all afternoon.  I again offered the boob, even though I was thinking, “how can this kid possibly be hungry?  she is eating but it’s not coming out!  How uncomfortable!”  She ate… sort of.

Oatmeal got home in time to see a monumental meltdown and he gave it his all trying to calm her down.  He got her to stop fussing by taking her outside for about a half hour.  Then… it started again!

I decided to give her a tummy massage with some chamomile and lavendar “calming lotion.”

Calming schalming is all I have to say.  She cried SO hard I started to really feel bad.  I picked her up and put her on my shoulder for a minute, patting her back and shushing her in an attempt to console my poor, tiny, hysterical child.

Did I mention she was naked during the massage?

In the 20 seconds she was being held on my shoulder, she peed all over me.


I cleaned her up, swaddled her again, and now we are eating our (hopefully) final meal of the day.

I’m still covered in pee.

It could very possibly be a loooonnnng night.  Wish us the best.

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  1. Poor baby (and Momma!) She looks just like Oatmeal in that first picture. Wow!

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