After spending Monday-Wednesday at home, Lola and Poppyseed went out to the land of the living today.

We went to Arnie’s in Houston to get some party supplies.  Oatmeal has a very large and mostly local family, so I decided to host a little open house at our home at the end of the month so that they can meet Violet if they haven’t already.  I am excited because I really like to have people over to the house, although I am worried about how hot it will be!  It will be very casual, but still fun to organize!

My MIL, Joanie, came over this morning just as we were getting everything ready to leave the house.  Poppyseed finally got over her gassy stage last night and this morning and was feeling like a brand new baby!  (Therefore I was feeling better too!)  We drove into Houston and went to Arnie’s and then got lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen.

I actually put Poppyseed in some pink clothes today.  She has finally started to grow into some of her little girl outfits and accessories.  She is now wearing 0-3 months instead of all newborn sizes.  I really LOVED the hat I put on her today!  I’m not one of those moms who is going to put my kids in amazing coordinating outfits every day, or even every week.  I have always been such a casual person, and I really lack pretty much any fashion sense, but I still get a kick out of a good accessory from time to time!  Check out Poppyseed’s hat.  Where’s the baby??!

So I got all kinds of things at Arnie’s!  I got some cool plastic plates, some little decor items, flower vases and a few other odds and ends.  Nothing crazy or over the top, but some nice touches.  I’m very excited.  One thing I am still trying to decide is if I want to do a favor of some kind.  I thought about getting clear cellophane bags and tying them with a ribbon and sticking a cute monogrammed sticker on them.  But, I can’t decide what to actually put in the bag.  Something inexpensive, something that won’t melt….hmmm.  I thought about some specialty popcorn or some pink jelly beans.  I will have to keep perusing the internet for ideas.

So today I am SOOOO sore.  I did a little workout yesterday afternoon.  It was only 15 minutes long but it was moderately intense, especially for someone like me who is in really bad shape.  This was my workout:

  • 60 seconds of air squats
  • Rest for 3o seconds
  • 60 seconds of pushups
  • Rest for 3o seconds
  • 60 seconds of kettle bell swings (25lbs)
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • 60 second plank
  • Repeat above 3 times

I tried to do a little jog afterward, but WOAH that is just not happening yet!  Let’s just say I need to find out if there is such thing as a nursing sportsbra.

So I have to tell you what brought on the sudden motivation to work out.  Over Memorial Day weekend, Oatmeal and I pulled out the BOB and took Poppyseed on a stroll down our road.

Along the way we came across some new friends.

I know, not as exciting as when I was walking and found the kangaroo, but these little donkeys were really cracking me up so I asked Oatmeal to take a picture of them.  Well as I was petting them, he took a few more pictures, and let me tell you I was just not prepared for those pictures at all!

Ladies and gentleman, the picture below could be the back of an old saggy lady.  Yep, despite my 4 mile a day average prior to having Poppyseed, I find that at 5 weeks postpartum I definitely have a saggy mom butt!  Aye.

As if the muffin top and mammary cleavage is not enough, apparently my arse dropped about 6 inches as well.

The term “skinny fat” definitely comes to mind. These pictures showed me just how much work there is to be done in the “getting back in shape” department.  Have any of you read the book that Jenny Macarthy wrote about being pregnant?  I actually read it in college (not because I was pregnant in college, but because my sister was pregnant and kept talking about how hilarious it was).  I remember laughing out loud at the part where she described the first time she looked over her shoulder into the mirror after giving birth.  The way she described it was so typically blunt, sarcastic, and distasteful… but SO hilarious.

Hilarious, of course, until it happens to me.

So, I’m going to really try to commit to doing some type of semi-decent workout on a daily basis until things, er, start looking up again.  I know how good it is for me to do some weight-bearing exercise, but I just HATE doing it!  All my life all I have ever enjoyed is cardio.  Therefore I’ve never had any muscle tone to speak of.  It was all okay before baby, but now… well.  Evidently it isn’t enough that I’m eating a ton of salad, I still need to use my puny muscles or they will one day waste away!  So those of you go to the gym, love to lift weights, live for Crossfit… please send me some motivating ideas.  I can run all day, but squats?   Eh.

Welp… have a great day!  I am SO excited that tomorrow is Friday!!!

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