Baby Poppyseed gets showered! (Again!)

Two weekends ago (I was 34 weeks prego), my two very wonderful friends Johanna and Anna threw a baby shower for us.  It was so much fun!  They put so much thought and time into it.  Johanna opened up her home to everyone, and Anna drove in from Louisiana.

First of all, I have to say something about the food.  The food was AWESOME!  95% of the menu was primal – and it was 100% gluten free!

There were little handmade touches everywhere you looked.

Anna the artist even painted these three paintings that are now hanging over Poppyseed’s crib.

My dad and Lil even came in (all the way from North Louisiana!) and my dad even stayed for the entire shower!  He commented after it was over that in his 58 years on earth he has never attended a baby shower. 

A few other males followed Dad’s lead and went ahead and stayed as well.  Michael, Will, and James.

I got to have so many loved ones and friends in the same place at the same time.  Spending time with my friends and family is seriously my favorite thing in the world to do, and the more I can see at once, the happier I am.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I really don’t like shower games, but Johanna actually came up with two games that are really fun.  First she had 6 contestants (Oatmeal, Anna, me, Kat, James, Dad) fill a bottle up with 2oz of liquid.  Then we had to race to see who could drink it all first.

Can I tell you how funny it is to me that my dad actually participated in this game?  He kept trying to give the bottle away before the game started, but I think Lil must have talked him into it!

I’d also like to point out that his bottle has pomegranate juice and champagne in it.  HILARIOUS!

As it turns out, Johanna had accidentally provided “slow flow” bottles.  It took FOREVER to get that 2oz out!  It gave me a whole new respect for babies!  Bottle feeding ain’t easy!  But… Lola won!

The second game was a race to see which couple could dress a baby doll the fastest.  Each person could only use one hand, so you had to work and strategize together.  It was tough!  Oatmeal and I went first and we thought we did great!  We used good teamwork.  I felt very encouraged by our ability to talk through it. 

But, we were surprised when the next couple, the two childless single chicks, beat us!  Yep, Anna and Kat smoked us.

But then Will and Jessica smoked them…

Then we thought we’d put Johanna and James to the test, since they were the only couple present with two kids.  They did great…. but….

….not as great as Johanna did when paired up with Natasha.  They beat everyone by a lot!  Johanna and Natasha both have 2 young kids, proving that mothers of small children can definitely multitask and accomplish with one hand in 30 seconds what most people can’t do with both hands in 10 minutes!

After the games, we pretty much just resumed normal baby shower activities and opened gifts.  Poppyseed definitely is not going to need anything (except for maybe some gender appropriate clothing) one s/he is here! 

I was thrilled to death that Natasha came down for the shower.  Natasha and I went to A&M together and it’s really nuts to think we’ve been friends for 10 years now.

Sara also came – I always tell her I’m soooo thankful I met her.  She and I became friends after I moved to the boonies.  Her husband ropes with Oatmeal, and when I met her I pretty much latched onto her.  It’s hard to find girls my age out here!  I just love her.

My sweet friends….Sara, Kat, Anna, me, Johanna, Natasha.

The hostesses….Anna and Johanna.

My Anna.

And my local family…. Johnny and Joanie, plus a semi-local niece, Little Joanie.

It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday.  Oatmeal and I are very thankful for our friends, gifts, and baby on the way!

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