Lola and Oatmeal present her dad with yard art, and return to Texas to start Lola’s Primal Challenge!

Everyone knows someone who really doesn’t need anything.  Usually those people are the hardest to buy for, because they have all that they need and they just don’t have a lot of things that they want.  My parents are this way, with my dad being the worst.  I cannot think of a single time that he actually gave me a gift idea.

I used to get him dark chocolate for Father’s Day.  He loves dark chocolate (he passed that gene onto me as well).  But, that got old, and there was that one time I forgot all about the box of Godiva chocolate that I had left in my trunk.  When I got home that Father’s Day weekend, the conversation went a little like this:

Lola: “Well Dad.  Let me go get my Father’s Day present for you!”

Dad (somewhat uninterested, as some men are when it comes to gifts): “Well, okay, that sounds good.”

Lola walked to her car, popped the trunk, opened the chocolates to check them, and finds a brown, goopy, melted mess.  (Talk about a blonde moment.)

Lola: “Um, Dad, nevermind on the gift.  You see, I really did get you a gift.  But it was perishable.  And sadly, it perished.”

Dad (chuckling): “Well I guess it was the thought that counts.” 

So Father’s Day gifts have been pretty hit and miss with me and old Dad.  

Until this year.

What to get for the man who has everything, needs nothing and buys himself everything he wants?

Tacky yard art!!!

I finally found my gift-giving niche!  So this weekend I drove into North Louisiana with Oatmeal and held my hands over my dad’s eyes until Oatmeal placed these little guys in front of him.  Then I uncovered them in a most dramatic manner.

Say hello to my little friend!

Don’t you want me to help me with your shopping???  I’m available.

Anyway, we had a great visit.  This morning we woke up and returned home, which was about as eventful as you would expect a 6 hour drive (with 2 mildly gassy dogs) to be. 

When we arrived at home in Texas, I received the following text from my father.  I fully expect that the pig will be flying from the trellis by the time I return home next.

So, about my Primal Challenge.  I decided to create the challenge because a few close friends of mine were discussing doing a challenge together.  We all shared the common interest of wanting to step up our nutrition and fitness goals, but we needed a kick start.  So, I decided to take the initiative of organizing it and coming up with the game plan. My friend Johanna even suggested creating a Facebook page so that we could share ideas and motivation with one another during the month.  And what do you know, my piddly little challenge of only 3 people has turned into a much bigger challenge of 34!  I looked at the group tonight and there are tons of people that I have never even met who have signed up.  It has been EXTREMELY motivating to me to see all of these people.

To back up a little bit, you all have to remember that Lola and Oatmeal reside in the sticks.  There is no Crossit here.  Nor is there a gym.   Heck, we have to drive 11 miles to a gas station!  We have to drive 15 miles to get to the nearest grocery store where we are barely able to buy the basics.  We certainly cannot find nitrate free or grassfed meat, and the selection of produce is minimal at best.  So, we drive 36 miles to the HEB in town each time we need groceries.  We buy grassfed beef from a coworker of Oatmeal’s.  And, prior to my knee surgery, I was going to a Crossfit that is in my sales territory, but because it is 70 miles north of our home, I was only able to go 1 time a week.

And, out here in the country, EVERYONE thinks that we are pretty much NUTS when we don’t partake in the Friday fish fry.  And forget finding anywhere to eat that has gluten-free, corn-free, rice-free, dairy-free menu items.  We are almost forced to eat every meal at home, however we must plan our menus so carefully because missing even one key ingredient can mean an hour in the car!

So, the ability to get online and see other people joining in on our challenge is a HUGE motivator for me!  So thank you, thank you, thank you for joining my challenge.  I hope that we all find ourselves well on our way to our health and fitness goals by September 3rd!

I’ll update with some yummy recipes, lunch-to-go ideas and other helpful information tomorrow, but for now I have to go.  Lola hasn’t been feeling too hot and needs her sleep.

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