Lola’s Primal Challenge: Drinking?

But are we allowed to drink alcohol? 

I say yes, but only if it’s gluten-free alcohol.  Remember, at no point during the challenge do we want to have ANY gluten.  This 4 week primal “detox” is going to get our bodies adjusted to living without gluten as well as empty carbs which lead to insulin spikes in our body and inflammation in our gut lining. 

I’d also say that alcoholic drinks that we indulge in during our challenge should be low in sugar for the reason mentioned above.

How often shall we drink?  For me, weekends only and it will only be wine or some tequila and lime but no sugar.  Set your own standards based on how you feel and your health goals for the next 4 weeks!

For gluten-free alcohol guidance I like Mark’s Daily Apple’s take on it.  Please note that most beer is NOT gluten free, but I have been able to find and enjoy Redbridge at HEB and Spec’s in Houston.

For a list of approved liquid indulgences, check out Triumph Dining’s list of gluten free alcohol.

Also, I began a Facebook group so that we can all trade encouragement, tips, recipes and even griping!  Search for Lola’s Primal Challenge on Facebook if you want to join.

Can’t wait til Sunday…. try not to binge between now and then!

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