Poppyseed is 6 Weeks Old

Goodness has the time flown by.  Monday my sweet Poppyseed turned 6 weeks old.

  • Poppyseed is really chunking up.  All of my hard work nursing is paying off!  Her arms, fingers, and legs have definitely plumped up.  Her little cheeks are really getting big, and oh the belly!  How I love that little pot belly.
  • She is still eating anywhere from 7-8 times a day.  I still try to keep her on a schedule of every 2.5 hours or so, but I find that sometimes she just needs to eat sooner than that, and who can blame her?  I for one know that sometimes I want a snack more often than every 2.5 hours, right?!
  • We are still working on the sleeping, though I feel like she is doing great for her age!  I have noticed that 3-4 nights will pass where she’ll sleep from 8:30pm until 2 or 3am before waking to eat.  I’ll be on cloud nine thinking, “what a great little sleeper I have – she only wakes 1 time a night!”  Well then she’ll have a night where she’ll need a diaper change at 12am, then get hungry at 1am, and then again need to eat at 4am.  So…. I’ll be put back in my place!
  • I think her baby acne is finally starting to clear.  We’ll see!
  • Due to some major gassiness and fussing last week, I decided that it could be something I am eating that was causing some of that distress.  Since some family members have had issues with dairy, I decided to cut out the small amount of dairy I do eat and see if that helps.  That means no cream in my coffee and no yogurt.  I stopped all dairy on Friday and she was happy as a clam Friday-Sunday.  So yesterday I put some milk and cheese back into my diet as an experiment to see how she acts.  If she is a wild child I will have my answer and be forced to exile all milk from my diet completely, at least for a while.  A small price to pay for a happy child in my opinion!
  • Smiles!  She can smile now!  And I swear, I think she means it!
  • Her hair is getting longer but she still has the baby mullet (longer in the back and shorter on top).  And it’s actually looking to be a little auburn in color – could we have a redhead on our hands??
  • BLUE eyes!
  • She can see her mobiles now.  She actually has 3 mobiles – over the crib, over the glider and over her bouncer- and she loves to look at them.  It’s so funny to see her fix her eyes on it and really concentrate.

Gammy and Poppyseed at Essence Cafe in Fulshear - she looks SO redheaded in this picture!

Oatmeal training one of the horses, Rainy....

Look a little closer - Poppyseed is helping!

Finally fitting into some of her girly clothes!

How Lola is feeling:

  • My postpartum checkup was today!  My stitches did not dissolve as they should have, so my doctor removed them.  I was nervous about that all morning but it wasn’t bad!  I also had to go to a radiology appointment because I found a big lump in my chest.  Everyone kept saying, “Oh it’s a plugged duct!”  But I have had cysts before and knew this was different.  Sure enough – the radiologist told me it was a cyst that they’d normally take out, but since I’m a nursing mom they will wait because they don’t think it’s anything worth fretting over.
  • I have to say that I am REALLY starting to enjoy this whole mom thing.  It is so much more rewarding to take care of her now that she can smile and make little faces.  I feel like she recognizes me and knows that I am taking good care of her.
  • HOWEVER… yesterday kicked my ass.  She did not sleep at all during the day.  I’m not kidding – her eyelids did not so much as close from 6am-8pm.  I was SO tired and SO frustrated trying to get her to take a nap.  Not fun.   As the mom, I only sleep in 3 hour increments so I really count on those naps during the day to get a nap in myself.  I was in a horrid, teary, zombie-like state by the time Oatmeal got home.  I hope to not revisit that side of myself anytime soon!
  • I went on my first jog!  See comic below….

  • This is the 3rd week of my little paleo challenge, and it is going well so far.  Of course it is a work in progress because there are just some days that a latte or entire bar of dark chocolate has made it into my mouth.  I am just so bad at being really hardcore and sticking to a good food regime 100% of the time.  BUT, I’ve lost a few pounds and am now just trying to focus on getting little workouts in each day (15-20 minutes of moderate intensity cardio and weight lifting).
  • Nursing is still improving every day!  Dare I say that I am finally starting to enjoy it??  One side still hurts to latch, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it isn’t horribly painful so I just keep trying to get it right.  I actually worried that I was losing my milk supply last week, but it has come back with a force and now I’m actually dealing with an overproduction issue.  I am just so glad that it keeps gradually improving, as it is SO much easier than it was in the very beginning!
  • Honestly, I’ve typed a bunch of random details but the main thing I think about on a daily basis is how much I am falling in love with this little baby.  I mean YES, I loved her from the minute I knew I was pregnant.  And then I loved her even more the first time I felt her kick.  And then when she was born, WOW.  But now that I am spending all of this time with her and watching her grow, it is just crazy how much I am starting to feel for her.  It is truly beyond words.

So my question of the week for any of you readers…

I go back to work next week.  It’s just twice a week at first, but I’m still concerned about getting into a good schedule with her.   What is a good routine to get into that makes it easier to get up and out of the house with a baby and go to work?   I am having a little anxiety thinking about getting us both up and out of the house on time.  Hypothetically I will need to leave the house around 7:30am with her each morning and make a 15 minute drive to day care, where I will drop her off at 7:45am and then drive to work.  Oatmeal leaves for work at 6am, so he will not be around in the mornings to help out.  Thoughts?  Advice?  I don’t even know where to start so I am all ears!!

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