Weekend Recap, Including Lola Locking Poppyseed in the Car

Today is Monday, and I am so sad that the weekend is over.

On Friday, Oatmeal actually got home early.  And by early, I mean he got home at about 6pm.  Poppyseed and I were just sitting on our back porch, chilling out and enjoying the wind.  It was about to storm and it was really dim and peaceful outside.  We cooked dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

On Saturday we went to the witch doctor, which you can read about in my previous post.  That actually went really well until it was time to leave.  That is when Lola pretty much stole the “Worst Mom Ever” award.

So I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to me when I admit that it’s always been a huge fear of mine that I will somehow lock my baby into my car.  I drive a black Ford Fusion, and that thing can really heat up fast in this Texas sun.  So each time I’m getting into or out of the car with Poppyseed, I am so cautious to do things like start the engine and air conditioning BEFORE putting her in her carseat, and also making sure I have the keys in my hand BEFORE getting out of the car to get her out.

(I also sometimes find myself driving down the road, 10 minutes from my house, and suddenly slamming on the brakes and turning my head abruptly just to make sure I remembered to load her up into the car.  I swear, sometimes when she falls asleep back there I will forget all about her and then think that I left her in a shopping cart at HEB or sitting on my front porch next to my parking spot.  I’m sure the cars behind me think that I’m on some type of stimulants that are impairing my ability to drive, but the truth is just that motherhood has officially made me a complete psycho.)

So on our way out of our appointment on Saturday, I walked up to my car and opened up the drivers door.  I turned on the engine and adjusted the AC to make sure it was on.  The car was REALLY hot and so I went ahead and opened up all the doors to the car so that it would air out faster.  I loaded Poppyseed and her carseat into the back seat, making sure she was safely buckled up.  Then I walked around the car, organizing her diaper bag and such and closing the doors.

Then I went to the passenger side and started to get in, but realized the passenger door was locked.  Oatmeal approached the driver’s door and I just waited patiently, assuming he’d be able to open the driver’s side door and let me in.

Well, then I heard the unmistakeable sound of him pulling on the door handle and nothing happening.

We both stood on opposite sides of the car and locked eyes.  “Are you joking?”  I asked him.

He shook his head.  I stared at him.  This was a joke.  He’s joking.

“Are you kidding me?”  I asked him again.  He stared at me and shook his head again.

I realized I had actually locked my 6.5 week old baby into my car.

The first thing I did was thank the heavens that I’d not only turned on the AC, but aired out the car for a minute before putting her in there.  The second thing I did was start to panic.  The doctor/naturopath/witch doctor who we’d just seen had actually walked us out into the parking lot and immediately reassured me that she had done this before and all I needed to do was call 911 and someone would come to the rescue.  I dialed 911 while a nearby gentleman called Ford and tried to get them to help him with the keypad on my drivers door (because I drive a company car I’ve never been able to set the keypad).  He explained the situation to them and gave them my VIN number, but alas, since I did not purchase the car myself they were not able to help.

So calling 911 was very frustrating.  First they answered and asked if I needed the police, fire dept or ambulance.  I said police, and then the operator asked me my name.  Then to spell my name.  I do not have a complicated name (it’s pretty much along the same lines as Jane Smith) nor do I have an accent that is hard to understand in Texas, so this seemed very time consuming and unnecessary to me.  Then she asked for the address, and when I told her I was on Buffalo Speedway she had me spell not only “buffalo” but also “speedway.”  Believe me when I tell you that I am an intelligent person, but spelling those words to her while staring at my screaming infant through the tinted back windshield of my locked car was one of the most challenging mental tests I’ve ever had to do.  She may as well have asked me to recite every third letter of the alphabet backwards.  Finally after she started to ask a lot of other random questions I blurted out, “Ma’am can you please hurry!? I locked my baby in my car and need help NOW!”

Well when you say something like that, they move a little faster.

Evidently I should have asked for the fire department, and she said she’d dispatch them immediately.  I hung up the phone and stood in the parking lot, staring helplessly in the window at my screaming baby and feeling like someone had punched my chest.  Seeing her in there with her little hands and feet flailing around and her poor little face all contorted as she screamed was horrible, and all I wanted to do was pick her up.  About 5 minutes went by before we saw 2 police cars zoom into the busy parking lot and we waved them down until they saw us.  Several police officers hopped out and began assessing the situation and asking me what the problem was and how exactly I managed to make such an idiotic mistake.  Soon we heard sirens and a fire truck pulled in behind the police cars.  About 5 firefighters jumped out and ran over.  There was a discussion of just waiting on Triple A to come, but one of the firefighters said something along the lines of “Oh hell no, not with a kid in the seat!”  Then a tow truck pulled up behind the fire truck and a few guys jumped out of that.

So there we were… standing in the middle of a busy Houston shopping center.  Two police cars with their lights on, the fire truck with the siren, and the tow truck.  About 9 people surrounded my car and within about 30 seconds, the door was open.  By this time sweet Poppyseed had cried herself to sleep, but I learned into the car and picked up my poor baby.  I had been fairly quiet and composed throughout this entire ordeal, but by this time I started to cry and so we walked over to a restaurant patio so I could just hold her and calm down.  Mind you she was perfectly fine and just snoozing at this point.

I’m sure everyone in the shopping center was staring out the shop windows at us, and a few seconds after we sat down on the patio a waiter from the restaurant came out and gave us 2 bottles of water.  We appreciated that nice gesture and soon we got back into the car and went about our day.

Of course for the next several hours, I was kicking myself and really beating myself up for making such a dumb mistake.  I also couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened had the AC not already been turned on.  Since it was such a hot day, that would have made the situation much more serious.  We would not have been able to leave her in there for the 10 minutes it took to call for help and wait on the police and fire truck to arrive.  We would have somehow had to break the window, and I’m guessing it would have meant a patio chair through the front windshield.  I am really glad that did not happen.

So, tomorrow I’ll be stopping by a Ford dealership in town and trying to get my drivers door keypad set up so that I can always get into my car, even if it’s locked with the keys inside!

After all of that, Oatmeal and I went and looked at a house but pretty much decided it was too much $$$ for not enough quality.  But it was kind of fun to look, and I hope that we find something soon!

Saturday night was also a great night because it was the first night we went on a DATE!  Yep, ever since Poppyseed was born we have been total homebodies.  My MIL kept offering to watch the baby, but I just didn’t want to leave her yet.  Finally I decided to just do it, and so we dropped Poppyseed off in Sealy and went with some friends of ours, Jason and Sara, to try a restaurant in Fulshear called Dekkers.

(By the way, on the way there Jason told me that he has several childhood memories of his parents bashing a car window to get him out of a locked car.  This made me feel a lot better, ha!  At least I’m not the first mother to do this.)

Dinner was great!  I had salmon and Oatmeal had steak, and we each had 2 glasses of wine.  Two entire glasses of wine is a LOT for me because I’ve only had a single beer or a single glass of wine here and there since having Poppyseed.  Well two glasses of white wine really hit me.  After Jason and Sara dropped us off at my in-laws’ house, I started to rethink our plan to drive home to our house.   Poppyseed was fast asleep, and I read in one of my breastfeeding books that it is best to wait 2-3 hours before feeding the baby if you have consumed more than 1 serving of alcohol.  (I always thought that you are supposed to “pump and dump” but I’ve actually read in several places that you can actually just wait instead – no sense in wasting that liquid gold!)  So we just decided to spend the night at our in-laws, and Poppyseed slept until about 2am before waking up hungry.  That was good for her because it meant I could just nurse her without worrying about the booze factor, but WOW I was so engorged by that time that in hindsight I think I really will just pump and dump.  Live and learn, I suppose.

So all in all, it worked out so well!  I enjoyed a night with my hubby, we each were able to let loose a bit, we didn’t have to drive across town late at night, Poppyseed slept so well, and we woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed and enjoyed breakfast with Oatmeal’s parents before heading home and getting ready for church.

Here are some pictures of Oatmeal and I at Dekker’s…. I think that the sign in the corner is very symbolic of the occasion.  🙂


Our first date - no kiddo!

Enjoying a delicious dinner and wine!

How cute is my water baby??

Still loving the swaddle at 7 weeks.


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  1. Glad everything was ok! That actually happen here in my driveway when Catherine was about 2…just strapped her in and the dogs were in the car, car on…came inside and the dog had locked the car. It took about 30 minutes of me acting stupis trying to get the dog to step on the unlock button. It happens! Take care!

    • That is so funny about the dog doing it! I would never have thought to get the dog to jump around in there until it unlocked… that’s classic! Ha!

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