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One thing that has always been tough for me is to actually stay motivated.  I mean, I can always GET motivated.  I can get all hyped up about a diet or lifestyle, throw all of my unhealthy crap food into the garbage, and plan a kick-butt workout every day after work.  On Day One, that is.

It’s Day Two that it gets tough.  It’s the actual follow through that presents the problem.  It’s hard to actually eat the healthy stuff.  It’s even harder to NOT eat the unhealthy stuff.  And it’s next to impossible to “make time” to exercise. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get motivated by simply observing someone who has actually had success doing what I want to do.  The first person that comes to mind is my friend Jessica.

I met Jessica through one of my dearest friends, Johanna.  Those two girls go way back, and Johanna can easily recall times when Jessica wasn’t nearly as fit, trim and healthy as she is now.  In Johanna’s words, “I never would have called Jessica fat when we were younger, because she was always active and looked normal to me. But, to see her now is just incredible.  I never thought that her body would be capable of looking like it does now.  It’s crazy to see pictures of her just a year ago, and compare that to what she looks like today.”

Below are pictures of Jessica that were taken over the past several years, before Jessica became “Primal.”





Jessica looks like a normal 20-something woman, right?  Most people would not say that Jessica was overweight.  Especially since she ate healthfully according to the Standard American Diet and stayed fairly active during school and early into her career. 

   But, this is a picture of Jessica that was taken BEFORE she began a Primal lifestyle…


                  …and this was taken 7 months after she began a Primal lifestyle!


The above picture was taken just last month at Jessica and Will’s wedding weekend in Mexico.  Well, what do you think now?  After seeing pictures of her from before she was primal, would you ever think it was possible for her body to change this dramatically?  Are you motivated now?  Do you want to know how she transformed her body from average to AMAZING?

I do!

Over one year ago, she started working out on a regular basis.  She became very involved in her local Crossfit, working out consistently to build strength.  She did lose some weight, and she did build muscle, but it wasn’t until she changed what she ate that she began to see drastic changes.

Remember… to quote many other Paleo and Primal gurus….

                   “80% of your body composition is determined by your diet!”

Here is a questionnaire filled out by Jess herself.  I hope it’s as motivating to you as it is to me!


1)  I’ve been primal or paleo since: December 27th.  I consider myself Primal because every now and then I’ll eat cheese, butter or organic ice cream.  Paleo is so strict with dairy, so I call myself Primal.

2) Before going Primal, I thought I could never do it: True or False?  True!  I thought I could never give up bread.  How I loved bread.  I think I was addicted.  I literally ate 2 pieces of toast with butter & eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and usually some type of bread with dinner.  We used to buy french loaves all the time and cut them up into garlic bread.  OMG – I loved bread.

3. The one food I thought I could NEVER give up was:  Bread!

4. The person that was the most supportive when I was going paleo was:  My husband, of course!  He didn’t even want to do it.  He did it because of me.  Now, he enjoys it because of the way it has transformed our bodies.

5. The best resource I found to help me understand how to eat primal/paleo foods is:  Blogs!,, &

6. Of all the people I told about my new primal lifestyle, the person who thought I was the most insane was:  Our family… when we spend time together they can get pretty annoyed with our lack of eating pizza, donuts, pasta, chips, etc.

7. My favorite primal snack is:  Almonds, although I have to limit myself.  I’ve started buying shaved almonds because it seems like I’m eating a lot more than I actually am.  I also enjoy celery with almond butter.  I love me some almonds!

8. My favorite primal recipe is:  Sweetheart Scallops from Everyday Paleo.  It’s so simple but is so delicious

9. Did you ease into eating this way, or did you dive in?  Will and I dove in.  It was very hard for me the first month.  Oh how I missed bread, chips, and croutons!

10. How long did it take before you saw changes in your body and health, and what were those changes?  1 month.   I was much more lean and toned.  I didn’t feel bloated after meals.   I noticed that Will had much less gas… which was awesome!   Also, I used to have really bad stomach problems.  I could not go to the restroom.  I was literally going to the restroom every 4 days (if that).  I ate every green, lettuce, or plum you could think of, drank lots of water & did tons of exercising!  This went on for 2 years.  I ended up taking Miralax and various fiber pills daily, just to try to go to the restroom.  My doctor finally decided that I needed to have a colonoscopy done, just to make sure everything was okay in there.  So at age 25, I was prepping myself for a colonoscopy.  Yuck!  The results were that I had no polyps, however I have a ton of inflated veins.  I had been putting so much stress on my body “trying” to use the restroom every day.  Basically, the doctor told me that when I’m pregnant, these veins may come out of my body in the form of hemorrhoids.  Then, I’d have to have a very invasive surgery to remove them.  All stemming from the fact that I couldn’t use the restroom!  It was awful!  But ever since going Primal, I haven’t had any issues.  Just another reason I’ll probably be Primal forever!

11. What is your favorite “cheat” food on Primal?  I order sweet potato fries at restaurants every now and then.  I still only eat about half.  They are clearly fried, so definitely considered a cheat meal!  My real “cheat meals” would have to be homemade tortillas, cookies, and cakes.  When I go home or to a special event, I will usually eat a small portion of the cake/cookie or such if something is being offered.  I still stay away from the breads and chips.  I really don’t like processed candy bars or processed cookies because of all the crap they have in them. Overall, if I go to a family member’s home, and she offers me a homemade cookie, I’ll probably eat just one!  

12.  How often do you exercise and how long do you spend on each workout?  I exercise 5-6 times per week for 60 minutes each time.

13. How often do you eat foods that contain gluten?  I try to avoid gluten at all times, but I go out to eat on business on a regular basis.  Even though I order a salad, I’m sure that there is sometimes gluten somewhere in that salad.

14. How often do you eat foods that contain dairy?  Once a week. 

15. I take the following vitamins/supplements:  Yeah, I need to get on the vitamins.  I totally stopped when my bottle ran out.  I was taking a multi vitamin.  I drink protein every now and then – Ellite gourmet.  Delicious with coconut milk & fruit all blended up! Yum!

16.  What is a challenge you face in being Primal?  A challenge I face in being Primal is wanting to share my knowledge with loved ones who are not open to it.  I know that others could seriously benefit from a lifestyle like this.  However, sometimes it appears that we are preaching to our family or friends that our lifestyle is better than theirs when we are trying to share our experience.  We’ve been told it’s very insulting if we don’t want to eat their homemade lasagna! 

Well, after seeing how Jessica looks, and hearing how great she feels, I certainly feel more motivated to pass on the homemade lasagna as well! Thanks so much for reading, and scroll down to see other inspiring photos of Jessica.





                                      Will and Jessica – the Primal Pair!

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