Piece of Cake

Today is Father’s Day, the first for Oatmeal.

This weekend my best friend, Anna, drove in from Shreveport to visit us.  She hadn’t met little Poppyseed yet, and she is one of my favorite people to hang out with, so I was so excited for her to get here.  We all ate dinner together at home on Friday evening after she got into town, but on Saturday we decided to go and have a girls’ day.

I asked Oatmeal if he would mind watching Poppyseed during the morning and early afternoon so that Anna and I could go eat brunch and go shopping.  For some reason I felt guilty asking, and also if I were being completely honest I’d even say I felt nervous about it.  He had only kept her for about 2 hours at a time before, but I knew I’d be gone longer than that this time.  I reminded him that she’d be hungry between 12-12:30 and he’d need to be ready with a bottle to avoid a hungry baby crisis.  But Oatmeal acted like it was no big deal, and after I showed him where I put the thawed milk, I pretty much just grabbed my purse, pump and off we went.

It was about 10am when we left, and Anna and I drove into Houston to enjoy brunch, shopping, a strip mall foot massage and a trip to the nail salon.  I’d planned to be home by around 2pm, but time sort of got away from us and I ended up calling Oatmeal to see if we could take a little longer.  I felt really guilty (again!) asking for this extra time, but he acted so nonchalant about it.  He said he’d just thaw out some more milk, and as long as I was home by 6 so that he could have the horses loaded up for his roping competition that night, it should be fine.  By the time Anna and I were finished with our excursion it was 4pm.  I was really anxious to get home, and when we walked into the house at 5 I could not wait for the report.

Oatmeal was sitting calmly on the couch, looking at his iPad.  The kitchen was relatively clean, there weren’t dirty diapers or baby clothes all over the house, and I didn’t hear screaming.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“It was fine, she’s asleep right now,” he said calmly.  “When you left I put her and the dogs in the car and we all went to Brenham (30 miles away) to get some gifts for Mom and Dad.  When we got home she was ready to eat and so I fed her about 4.5oz.  After that she went to sleep and so I put her in her crib until 3:30 or so, and then I woke her up and she ate about 5oz.  Then we played until she got sleepy again, and I put her back to sleep.  In the meantime I just made myself some lunch and messed around with the horses a little bit.”

He stood up and looked at me with just a hint of a smile.  He looked smug.  He rubbed his hands together a little bit the way he always does when he’s successfully completed a task, and said, “Piece of cake honey.  Piece of cake.”

And with that, he walked away to put on his jeans, boots, and spurs.  He loaded up the horses and off he went to win 2nd place at the roping that night while Anna, Poppyseed and I cheered proudly from the back of the 4runner.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.  7 hours alone with an 8 week old baby… to this new dad, it’s a piece of cake.  🙂


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