36 weeks!

Some updates….

  • Today was my 36 week appointment.  I asked Oatmeal to accompany me to this one.  I have asked my doctor very few questions about our options up until this point, because it would be sort of a waste to ask a bazillion questions so early before we even really knew what was going on with my pregnancy.  But, after today, seeing as how I’ve had a completely healthy and easy pregnancy and know that the baby is nicely settled head down in my belly, we felt like we could sort of start to envision this birth.  So we asked all about what to expect in the hospital.
  • We talked about being induced because we have heard of other doctors wanting to induce their patients very early, sometimes even before their due date.  Or they will want a patient to have a low amount of pitocin during normal labor but we didn’t want this either.  Luckily he is very relaxed and open about this, and does not usually ask his patients to consider a full induction (unless that’s what they want) until they are at least 7 days overdue. 
  • We talked about episiotomies, which we also don’t want.  He told us he barely ever performs these and so we’d probably be safe there, too.
  • We asked about when we should head to the ER, seeing as we live 70 miles from the hospital.  It’s funny how people really freak when we tell them we are delivering so far away from home.  They act as if women go into labor and WHAM the baby falls out 2 minutes later.  As we suspected, our OB is not concerned with our distance from the hospital.  He said, “If you have to ask yourself if it’s a real contraction, it’s not a real contraction.“  He also said that waiting until they are about 5 minutes apart is safe before heading over, especially since it’s my first baby and first deliveries tend to go slower.
  • We talked about vaccinations as well.  I think I’m going to be sort of slow to pull the trigger with some vaccinations.  I think we’ll go through with the majority of them but on a delayed schedule.  I hope that we don’t face much resistance on this topic in the hospital.  The bottom line is pretty much, “our baby, our property.”  I dare anyone to challenge my husband on this.  I’ll sit back and enjoy that show while sipping orange juice and nursing my infant.  Can you say “BRAWL?”
  • The exam was pretty uneventful.  The strep B swab wasn’t exactly the highlight of my life but at least it was quick.  Then he checked my cervix which was a LOT of pressure and also not exactly the best part of my day.  He said I’m not at all dilated yet (no shock there) but that he did touch the baby’s head.  I was kind of like, “Great!  Glad you touched my kid’s head.  Now that we’ve done that once let’s check it off the list and not do it again.”  I think I will actually skip the pelvic exam next week.  I didn’t know that was something that could be skipped but we learned in our class it could be.  It’s more of just an update for the mom so that she can know if she’s dilated at all.  I can be patient and wait for the 38 week exam for the next update. 
  • Next we went to the hospital.  We weren’t going to do this, but we figured we would go ahead and go check it out since we were there and we had time.  The Labor and Delivery floor is very nice.  It’s newly renovated and the birthing rooms are really big and spacious.  The nurse we talked to was a sweetheart.  It was sort of nice to see the area where our little one will come into the world! 
  • Overall, I still feel pretty good.  I feel full of baby for sure.  My tummy is like a tight, solid bowling ball.  Even the OBs I saw today (not including my doctor) commented that I was extremely solid.  One of my OB customers rubbed all over my belly today, commenting over and over about how hard my stomach is.  I told her I’d gained 28lbs so far, she didn’t believe me.  I said, “I think it’s all here, here and here!” while I pointed to my belly, chest and lower back.  She laughed and said, “There is a bit in your back, don’t worry that will go away when you nurse your baby!“  I hope she’s right!
  • I do feel little pinches in my back sometimes.  It hurts but it’s not a pain that lasts long, so for that I am thankful. 
  • I’m not really swollen anywhere yet. 
  • I have pretty good energy most of the time. 
  • I am hungry a lot more often.  I wake up at 5am hungry and have to get up for a banana. 
  • I still wake up several times during the night.  I’m pretty much used to it now.  Oatmeal still says I breathe really hard.  He will make me roll off of my back when it gets really bad.

I’ll leave you with this quote, which my doctor said to me today.  We were wrapping up the exam and he was getting up to leave so that I could put my clothes back on.  His last words were…

“You’ll be fine.  You’ll do great.  All of you tall, skinny, women with big feet always do.”



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