Marital advice, and salmon.

So I began this blog so that I could talk about how much fun it is to be married.  Then it sort of took a turn and I ended up talking about food.  Today I’ll do both.

Marriage first.  Marriage is slightly more fun than food.


Anyway, we’ve been married for 7 months.  Every time I am talking to someone who has been married for a while, I’ll ask them if they have any marriage advice.  I get a lot of good responses.

“Be friends first.  If you’re always friends, the rest will work itself out.”

“Choose your battles.”

And my favorite, “A cord of three strands cannot be broken,” which is from Ecclesiastes.

I like to ask people what their advice is, because it always leads to a good conversation and you generally get to know them better.  Well, yesterday I did a sales lunch for a doctors’ office.  (6 OB/GYNs, to be precise.) We were sitting around, getting to know each other and they asked if I was married.  I told them that yes, I was married, and I was a newlywed, and after they gave their polite “Congratulations” I asked them my usual question. 

Well, if you ask a bunch of gynecologists a question like that, you’d better be ready for their answers.

“Wear bras and panties that match.  He’ll notice.”

“Never go to bed angry, take off your clothes and keep fighting.”

“Keep your ups and downs between the sheets.”

And my personal favorite…

“Menopausal vaginal atrophy is no joke.  When the times comes, take care of yours…. before he gets Viagra.”

Um…. wow.

Anyway….. so now you are wondering what we ate tonight?  I will tell you.

Well first I got home and was greeted by this guy.  This is Tough Puppy.  Hey Tough Puppy!

I went to the house and opened the door and Oatmeal jumped out of a dark corner and scared the $hit out of me.  This is a daily occurrence, him trying to scare me to death, and then laughing a really loud evil laugh while I collect myself.  He is evil. I should try to scare him to death.

I should tell him I’m pregnant.

With twins.

Triplets even.


Eh.  He’d probably be happy.  Nevermind.

I found him about ten minutes later doing Hindu pushups.

These are really, really hard.

Someone please say something about the shoes.  Please.

Here is Oatmeal doing squats.  He is trying very, very hard to pretend that I wasn’t following him around with a camera.  But, yep, he’s laughing.  Maybe he’s laughing because he knows that Lola is going to make fun of that lion shirt on the internet.  He would be correct.

Then he put on his backpack full of bricks.  (25lbs)

This is Oatmeal walking away so that he can go do a bunch of pullups, and then run 2 miles. 

Nice calves.

I’m just taking pictures of his bum now.  I can do that.  He’s my husband. 

Onto dinner.  I’d asked Oatmeal to stop by the grocery store and get some salmon.

Okay people, if you decide to try this, make your lives easier and go the seafood counter, ask them to cut the salmon into two pieces (assuming it’s just you and another person eating), and ask them to please take the bones out.  Girls usually eat a 6-7oz piece, and guys will be happier with 8oz.  They’ll cut you 2 nice thick slices that will cook evenly.  Oatmeal didn’t know to do this, so he came home with the whole shebang and I had to pull the bones out.  He’s still a good husband, I’ll probably keep him.

I made a pesto similar to the one that I talked about 2 blog posts ago. 

How to make the pesto and salmon:

1. Throw a handful of fresh basil leaves, a handful of fresh parsley leaves, lemon juice from an entire lemon, and a drizzle of olive oil (several tablespoons) into a food processor and pulse until it’s a nice, grainy sauce. 

2. Use a spoon or spatula and spread this over your salmon, and then add salt and pepper.  Put on a piece of aluminum foil and throw it on the grill (low heat). 

Now, our salmon took about 20 minutes to cook but you need to keep a careful eye on yours.  Salmon is not good overcooked, but it’s not much good undercooked either.  Take a look at it after 10 minutes.  You want the flesh of the salmon to still look somewhat shiny but you must be able to stick that flesh with a fork and have it sort of flake apart.  If it doesn’t flake, leave it on another 2-3 minutes and test again.

I also made sweet potato fries (SPF from now on).  I’ve been struggling with these, they are so delicious but difficult to make them crispy. I think I finally figured it out.

Sweet Potato Fries

1. Preheat your oven to 450. Take a sweet potato and peel it.  Cut it in half, and then cut the halves in half so that the potato is now quartered.

2. Slice each quarter into french fries, making them as similar in size as you possibly can.  Thicker fries turn out better, so I like to make mine about an inch wide and a half inch thick. 

3. Put aluminum foil down on a baking sheet and spread a very thin layer of coconut oil (olive oil would probably be okay too) all over the foil.  Set the fries on the foil, spacing them evenly.

4. Bake ‘em for 15 minutes.  Take a peek at ‘em after 12 and if they are really sizzling and starting to darken up, go ahead and take them out.  Flip each fry (I use my fingers to flip them, but they are so hot that I usually end up blurting a few curse words.  Use more common sense than me and use a fork or something).  If they are really sticking to your foil, you know you didn’t use quite enough coconut oil.

5. Bake ‘em for another 4-5 minutes.  Remove, sprinkle some sea salt on, and serve.  They will be semi-crispy if you bake them this way, but not as crispy as traditional fries.  But they are healthy, delicious, and easy!

(Side note:  I don’t have kids, but I have 11 nieces and nephews, plus my friends are breeding more and more all the time.  Kids loves these things.  They will eat these up, and you don’t even have to offer ketchup, which is full of sugar and other yucky stuff anyway.  My 8, 7, and 4 year old nieces were at our house last weekend and they seemed a little hesitant to try the fries.  Then they asked for ketchup so that they could try them.  I paused and then said, “You know, actually, these french fries are not good with ketchup.  They are only good plain.”  I acted nonchalant and began cleaning some dishes.  I turned around a few seconds later to see…. 3 little girls shoving sweet potato fries into their mouths, no ketchup.  Just add a little bit of sea salt and you’re good.)

So, we ate the salmon, SPFs, and some grilled squash.  YUM.  Good night!

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