Long day, quick dinner.

Tonight we went roping (I just watched… obviously) and when we got home it was already 9pm.  Needless to say I did not feel like cooking anything elaborate, and so I did a repeat of the coconut shrimp that I did earlier this week.  Only this time I used the coconut milk, a head of broccoli, half of a very small head of purple cabbage, and two bunches of bok choy along with the shrimp.

I had to run into the grocery store earlier to get the coconut milk.  I was in the international food section and there were lots of brands from which I could choose.  I noticed that one brand of coconut milk was $1.50.  Then there another that cost $2 for one can.  Obviously I picked up the cheaper one first, and looked at the label.  Note that I am mainly concerned with the ingredients listed at the bottom.

Then I compared the ingredients on that can with the can below.

So needless to say, I decided I could spend the extra 50 cents to not have sulfur dioxide in my coconut milk.  I’m not even really sure what that does to a human body, but I know that if someone gave me a big bowl of sulfur dioxide in it’s purest form, I’d pass.

It’s scary what you learn if you actually take the time to look, right?  Even more scary if you not only look but start to THINK about it…


Last night I learned to make pesto.  Oatmeal and I planted a measley garden outside that has recently become not-so-measley.  My basil plant has really taken off and I wish I’d planted more of them.  I picked a really big handful of basil (a cup and a half or so) and the same amount of fresh parsley.  I threw the greens into my food processor with pecans (pine nuts are more traditional in pesto, but I found that pine nuts cost about 5 times more than pecans… and Oatmeal likes pecans a whole lot), lemon juice from one lemon, a quarter of a cup of olive oil, 4 cloves of garlic, and salt/pepper.  I chopped it up in the food processor and used it to top our rosemary chicken.  See below… DELICIOUS!!

Who invented the food processor?  I want to hug them.

I cannot take credit for this recipe, by the way.  Everydaypaleo.com

Tada!  Rosemary chicken topped with pesto, and a side salad with avocado. 

Oatmeal has just about gotten used to me taking pictures of everything he eats.

Oatmeal is walking around in his boxers and looks like he is in really, really, really good shape.  I must be doing something right.

Oatmeal is calling me Cinderella because earlier tonight I was complaining that I have been going to bed so late lately due to chores and work, and now he sees me typing furiously on my mac.  Oatmeal says I’m staying up too late because of this blog.

Oatmeal is correct.


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