I guess we all fall off of the wagon sometimes.

Today I woke up feeling a lot better than I have been.  Last week was rough on my knee, and I felt like I wasn’t taking very good care of it.  I did my best to take it easy on Sunday, and low and behold it felt much better Monday but even better today.  So, it should have been easy to stick to my guns, BUT…..I didn’t. 

I cheated.  And I cheated BIGTIME.  Usually a cheat for me is something like tortilla chips (made with corn, not flour), or maybe darkchocolate.  Sometimes I’ll eat gluten-free crackers with really delicious cheese and call that a cheat.  But today I went a little bit out of control.  See, I’m a sales rep, so I often have lunch with customers in order to treat them to some good grub and, hopefully, sell something while we eat.  I took Chik-fil-a to a customer today.  I had ordered chicken tenders, fresh fruit, coleslaw and brownies, and I made a special point to ask the Chik-fil-a attendant to throw in a couple of pieces of grilled chicken in place of fried, battered chicken.

Wait, no I didn’t.  I forgot to tell the attendant that.  I usually do, but I didn’t today.

So the food arrived, and I’m sitting there talking to my customer, and we are both eating and I am very certain that I will be just fine if I only eat the fruit and coleslaw.  We continue to sit and chat until suddenly OUT OF NOWHERE the chicken tenders begin to jump off of the tray and onto my plate.  Then, SUDDENLY, one jumped into my mouth and I found myself chewing it against my will.  Then it happened again. 

And again.

And… again.


I was just so hungry.  I was really looking forward to chicken.  I knew I didn’t have a backup snack in my car.  I was full of lame excuses, and I hated myself for the rest of the day because my tummy felt gross and my lips felt all greasy, no matter how many times I wiped them.  I felt like a fat, hairy trucker with my belly hanging out from under my stained t-shirt.  Ugh.  Fast food, even “high quality” fast food such as Chik-fil-a, is really not my thing.

Luckily, I had my “safe” place to come back to.  That would be our home.  I cannot tell you how important it is for me to have healthy foods in my home at all times.  I do not have to face any type of temptation in our house because only healthy foods reside here. So, my advice to you tonight is to rid your pantries and fridge and freezer of ALL unhealthy foods.  Then, even if YOU fall off the wagon, it’s almost impossible to not jump back on.  Tonight I browned some chicken in a skillet with onions, garlic and rosemary. I even made some pesto out of basil, parsley and pecans and put it on top of the chicken.  I tossed together a salad with avocado, butternut squash and organic greens.  Oatmeal and I ate while we talked about our day, and now I feel much better.

Have I mentioned that when Oatmeal comes home, he immediately takes off his shirt?  Talk about making me feel even more guilty!  I’m sitting there with a bloated stomach and my honey is walking around with a six-pack.  You know what HE ate for lunch today?  A salad (that I made for him), a boiled egg, some nitrate-free ham, trail mix, and a larabar.  This is why Oatmeal has a six-pack, and Lola does not.  Oatmeal has self control.  And, a wife that packs his lunches for him.  I guess I can give myself credit for half of that six-pack.

Tomorrow, I plan to take Chik-fil-a to yet another customer.  I will be certain to watch for energetic pieces of fried chicken attempting to jump into my mouth.  I will throw them on the floor and stomp them before I let that happen again.

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