Poppyseed’s Newborn Pictures (Finally)

I got home from work this afternoon, and some pictures I ordered of Poppyseed were in the mailbox.

I was honestly blown away, because I can’t believe how quickly 8 weeks has passed.

Funny how overwhelming it all was around the time that these pictures were taken.  My friend Amy flew in from Pittsburg to shoot these for me, and at that time I was a sloppy, tired, clueless mess.  Let’s be serious, she did a lot more than take pictures, she took the baby and walked her around the back yard to give me a break when I was (((thisclose)))) to losing my mind.  It seemed like all my baby did was cry, and I felt so out of my element.  I missed quiet nights with Oatmeal and I felt like everyone was judging me for being so obviously inexperienced at the whole mothering gig.

But now, that all seems so long ago.  My baby girl is so big now… she’s alert, chunky, she smiles and coos.  She’s given me so much confidence.  She’s taught me so much.  I’ve gotten so very attached to her over the past 8 weeks.

This attachment you feel to your baby is no joke.  It’s so gradual you almost don’t even realize it’s different until you look back and think about how you felt then… compared to how you feel now.

Tonight when it was time for her to go to sleep, I didn’t want to put her in her crib.  When these pictures were taken, she was only 10 days old and very soon after I started implementing “routines” and “sleep training” and reading books like Babywise and Baby Sleeps Tonight.  It seemed so important to me that I should not have to always rock her to sleep, should not have to pick her up each time she cried, should not have to hold her all the time.

Well go figure…. now that all she needs is for me to swaddle her and set her in her crib for her to fall asleep, all I want to do is rock her to sleep, pick her up when she cries, and hold her all the time.

They are only this little once, and wow… it goes by fast.

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  1. These are precious pics, Laura! She is so sweet and darling! I love the picture with the lamb. He looks so big compared to how petite she is. He’s like the security guard of the bassinet – “here to protect and serve ma’am” 🙂

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