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On Sunday Oatmeal and I hosted a little gathering at our house.  It was Poppyseed’s “Sip ‘n See,” which is basically just a party held when a baby is born.  The purpose is just for friends and family to come over and meet the baby.

We had originally thought we’d do the sip ‘n see right after Poppyseed was born.  Well, the closer we got to our due date, the more we all began to second guess having a party SO soon after her birth.  We ended holding off and then setting a date for her 2 month mark.  In retrospect, I am SO glad that we did that, because waiting until she was 9 weeks old meant that she was really able to develop and showcase a little bit of her sweet personality!

Plus, by now I feel like I kind of have the hang of this whole mom-of-a-newborn thing.  I don’t even try to pretend I am doing everything right, but I feel like I am back to being able to multitask, run errands, and just basically maintain a continuous thought process.  I guess what I’m saying is that I’m no longer in “new baby survival mode,” and I was up for the challenge of hosting a party!

Oatmeal and I spent the week organizing and cleaning the house.  He mainly focused on the outside, and I worked on the inside.  I rearranged furniture, organized/borrowed all of my servingware (I love getting use out of those wedding presents!), and made what felt like 100 trips to the grocery store.

We hung a few Chinese lanterns outside, and I rented a few tables for our back porch so that we’d have some extra seating.

I always LOVE to cook and prepare food, but I was a little intimidated at the thought of making anything elaborate or time intensive – especially with a little one to interrupt time in the kitchen.  Rather than firing up the oven and heating up my whole house on a hot day,  I ended up taking the easy way out and just getting a bunch of platters from HEB and transferring it onto nice trays.  I did make a few dips, a fruit salad, and a green salad, but overall the food was very straighforward and simple.  I also grabbed some hydrangeas while I was checking out at the grocery store and sprinkled them around the house so that it would look like I was fancy, which we all know is just not the case!  😉  No points from Pinterest here!

For the “sip” portion of the day, I also just went the simple route.  Beer in galvanized tubs on the back porch (did you know that those tubs cost only about $10 at hardware stores, but Pottery Barn sells them for up to $80)…

And some more dainty drinks for inside.  I will definitely be repeating the white sangria.  It was so simple and yet very yummy.

I actually (with the help of Oatmeal and my MIL) had everything set and ready to go at 10 minutes until the party was set to begin. I was very proud of myself – hey, it’s the small things when you have a newborn.

It ended up being so much fun!  Baby Poppyseed got loved on by so many of our close friends and family members.

It was nice to see everyone!  Poppyseed loved being held and passed around by everyone – she is very social!  That is definitely a trait she gets from Lola.  Just sayin’.  🙂

Oatmeal entertained the kiddos by letting them pet and feed Black.  I’m sure it was the highlight of Black’s month.

I had to post this picture because it makes me want to go outside and hula hoop with my hands in the air.

Oatmeal and his nieces – shenanigans – that is all I have to say.

So many wee ones!

My sweet girl and her little flower headband.  She gets a lot of wear out of this one!

Oatmeal’s friends from college, Sam and Erica, made an appearance with their little girl Ava.  Oatmeal told me later that one of his favorite parts of the day was seeing them because it had been so long since we’d all gotten together.

Most of the guests were Oatmeal’s family members – but I loved it that my aunt and uncle also drove in from Spring.  They loved holding Poppyseed and it was nice to catch up!

So this is an example of what an airhead I can be.  I used to work for an event planning company, and while there we sometimes ordered this really delicious gourmet popcorn for parties.  I thought it would be a really great idea to order some and put them in little bags with custom tags and give them away as party favors.  I ordered PLENTY of popcorn and even found a code online for free shipping!  Well, guess what.  I got an email when it shipped and the date of delivery was for the day AFTER the party.  All week I hoped that it would get here early, but no dice!  I didn’t know what else to do so I just had to go to the grocery for some regular ole M&Ms and Raisinettes.  Not very creative.

Oh, and now of course I have an obscene amount of popcorn in my pantry.  (Not a primal snack!)  Anyone up for a movie night at Lola and Oatmeal’s casa?

It was really a memorable day, and I’m glad that we decided to host this little gathering to show off our little girl.  Even if we were so exhausted after everyone left that we all went to bed by 8pm.

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  1. Kevin Haug says:

    My kids absolutely loved petting and playing with black. They had an awesome time meeting Poppyseed and being at y’all’s place. Thanks for the invite.

  2. Everything looks so great!! The food is beautiful and I love the stickers… And of course beautiful fam! I can’t believe how much she’s filling out!

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