I’m Lola, a Texas resident since 2002.  I worked and played in Houston until I was set up on a blind date with a cowboy.  This cowboy I speak of swept me off my feet in one of those “opposites attract” kind of fairytales.  When my feet finally hit the ground, they were wearing boots, standing in the middle of the country, and married.  I’d officially said goodbye to the tiny 4th floor apartment in the city, and hello to living in a B&B in the country complete with horses, dogs, dirt, and…. scorpions.

Yeehaw…. kind of.

This country living lasted approximately 2 years.  You could say I finally blew my gasket after the birth of our first child, Poppyseed.  Suddenly I wasn’t too keen on driving 15 minutes to a gas station or 45 minutes to the grocery store.  As awesome as the sound of a screaming infant in the backseat can be, I hit my knees and begged Oatmeal to let us move to College Station, Texas.  He eventually gave in, and we moved here so that I could be closer to my job.  He selflessly agreed to live in a subdivision (translation = give up his manhood and identity), and drive an hour to work each day.

Naturally, just when we were getting into our “working parent” groove, I was laid off.  Suddenly, I was a stay at home mom.  A short time later we welcomed our second child, a son.  It wasn’t long before we decided to move yet again, this time to Old Towne Katy, Texas, to be as close to Oatmeal’s office as possible.  We are country people living in a subdivision, but it works for the moment.

Recently I began working at Ava Anderson Non Toxic.  While I swore direct sales would never be for me, I’ve l-o-v-e-d it.  Check it out here if you so desire.


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