The Trishas – Spoonful

The Trishas – Spoonful


I switched over from blogger.  Blogger was too tricky for me.  So far, tumblr is pretty impressive. More to come.

Dress for Success…. with a thong.

Attention professional females, I have an insightful message to deliver.  So for the new job, I had to watch a mandatory “Dress for Success” video.  In this video, a middle aged, dark haired woman with a tight bun, maroon lipstick, and black suit stood talking to the camera about how to dress professionally.  She covered […]

Lola got a new gig! (and it pays!)

In the past four months, both Oatmeal and myself have begun new jobs.  Oatmeal worked for the natural gas construction company ever since rejoining the “real world” in 2007.  (Maybe one day I will go into what I mean by that, but for now you must simply wonder to yourself with no one to answer.)  […]

Beginning of a new era.

Hello, friends.  It’s 7:30am on a Tuesday morning and I’m about to start studying.  I may make this little blog my morning mantra.  I used to blog in college, and I even still have the account and all of its old content, but after reading through the most recent posts (and by recent, I mean […]