Happy 3rd Birthday, Poppyseed – From Dad

My Big 3 year old, Each year passes by faster than the last.  Each year I think that it’s going to be my favorite age for you, but they just keep getting better.  I know that daddies are supposed to treat their little girls in a special way, but I can’t see how the other […]

Middle’s Birth Story – Written by Oatmeal

I guess it is somewhat fitting that I’m taking a break from a John Wayne marathon to write a birth story for my little boy.  I’ve always imagined that we’d have a son, but now it’s real.  I already have a running list of work for him to do, and I’ve already had a close […]

Freedom & Prison

Since July 4th is right around the corner, I figured I would talk a little about being free.  Although speaking about our nation’s independence is great, I’d like to talk about basic freedoms that we take for granted.  Even though I do live in a subdivision, I have the freedom to move any day that […]


Lately, I’ve noticed myself complaining a little.  I was making comments griping about the subdivision life, the subdivision people, picking up dog crap out of the back yard, my hour commute to work, not being able to work out, living in a subdivision, living near people, living in a subdivision….you get the point. I was […]

A birthday letter written by Oatmeal

Dear Poppyseed, Your first year has passed so quickly.  Think of all the things you can do already.  You can ride horses, drive a car, eat in a restaurant (some adults don’t do well at that), go to the restroom in the potty (some adults don’t do well at that), and talk on the phone.  […]

Life is Good – Poppyseed’s Birth Story (Written by Oatmeal)

I was little suspect when Lola signed us up for a 12 week course on having a baby.  Women have been having babies since the beginning of man.  I’ve seen lots of horses, calves, and puppies being born and they don’t have to take any classes.  They just kind of wander off, find a secluded […]