Middle’s Birth Story

I guess I knew the end was in sight on Sunday around 6pm.  My MIL had been keeping Poppyseed for us, but on Sunday evening she drove her up from Sealy and we all sat down in the living room to play and do puzzles.  Even though I hadn’t seen Poppyseed in a day and […]

Welcome to the world, John Rapsilver!

Oatmeal and I welcomed our second child, a SON, into the world at 9:34am today, August 11, 2014. He weighs 8lbs, 5oz, and measures 21 and 3/4 inches long. Oatmeal has been contemplating names for months, as it was his turn to name our baby.  He chose the name John Rapsilver.  John is his father […]

40 Weeks + 5 Days Pregnant with Middle

Well.  Hi. I don’t know why I’m updating, other than just to document that I’m still here. This morning when I woke up, I felt incredibly antsy.  I walked around the house in my bra and underwear and managed to accomplish absolutely nothing over a span of about four hours.  Oatmeal went on a 5 […]

40 Weeks + 4 Days Pregnant with Middle

The following paragraph showed up in my email this morning.  I quite appreciated it. It seems like your baby has opted for a late checkout, quite a popular option judging by the numbers. Fewer than five percent of babies are born on their actual due dates — and around 50 percent decide to overstay their […]

40 Weeks + 3 Days with Middle Baby

The past few days have been busy, and in a good way.  My big sister came to visit.  She and I have always been close despite an 8 year age gap and at least a few hundred miles between us.  Last month she, her husband, and three kids moved back to the States from Japan.  […]

40 Weeks + 1 Day with Middle

Well, hello there. Being past your due date is like no other place.  It’s not a bad place, but it’s very distinct place. On one hand, I find myself thinking, “Gosh, I am so close to holding my baby.  I can literally feel the tiny little body in my arms, the weight of the little […]

Dear Middle – A Note from Oatmeal

39 weeks, 6 days!  Still here… I asked Oatmeal to write in Middle’s baby book, and after reading it I decided to share it here. Hi Baby, We are only a couple of days from your due date.  We are all very excited!  We can’t wait to play with you.  Poppyseed and I have been […]

The Calm Before the Storm

This has been the most wonderful and relaxing weekend.  And really, every day since the day that I went to the hospital has been pretty phenomenal.  It’s a sweet time right now. Most mornings involve quite a bit of snuggling and relishing these last few days with just one kid. And there is almost always […]

39 weeks… and a scare.

Well, by all three of my due dates (ha) I’m at LEAST 39 weeks along today.  If not further.  🙂 And after the day we had on Tuesday, I’m especially grateful. I woke up on Tuesday and felt wet.   I immediately panicked as I remembered all of the contractions I had felt in the middle […]

Prepping the ole birth canal…

Okay, admit it.  You just read the above post and thought, “Oh Lord Lola, please don’t post about perineal massages…” You’re in luck.  I am most certainly NOT going to write a blog post about perineal massages. You’re welcome. I am going to write a quick post about probiotics, which is a lot more fun […]