18 Weeks!

18 weeks! Would you believe that BOTH of my husband’s parents are basically professional photographers?  And this is the best I get. Crooked?  Boobs blocking the chalkboard?  Blurry?  Check, check, and check. And here is a flashback to my 18 week picture with Poppyseed a mere 2ish years ago… Baby is the size of a: […]

17 Weeks Prego

I am practically 18 weeks and just now posting the update from 17 weeks.  Which I actually did write last week.  It just took me this long to upload the picture. Anyhoo, here we go. Baby is the size of a: Turnip!  Baby is approximately 5 inches long from head to rump. How I’m feeling:  […]

16 Weeks Along with Middle

Hi!  On Thursday I hit 16 weeks… time is really starting to move pretty quickly now that I’m in the beautiful heaven that is the second trimester. Note to self: I think I need to wear vertical stripes more often, because I’m pretty sure that the picture above does NOT do my gut and love […]

Lola and the whole “Midwife” thing.

Let’s start off with a good laugh, shall we? I should write this post before I lose my nerve. You see, I am 100% on board with my decision to use a midwife.  Assuming I have a normal, healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy, I see no reason at all to go back to the hospital to have […]

15 Weeks!

Here we are at 15 weeks… Baby is the size of an: Apple! How I’m feeling:  I’m a lot less tired now… hooray!  I still sneak in a nap if I have the chance, probably twice a week or so. Although, it may have something to do with my ordering a small iced Americano almost […]

13 Weeks

So I’m jumping on the chalkboard wagon… at least 3 years too late.  Silly, yes.  Am I doing it anyway?  Yup. Next week I’ll be jumping off of the “forgetting to take my cell phone out of my back pocket” bandwagon. Baby is the size of a: Georgia peach! How I’m feeling:  I still feel […]

12 weeks pregnant and 21 months old

We had such a fun, relaxing weekend.  On Friday I met Oatmeal down at his parent’s house in Sealy.  They were out of town for the week, so they needed someone to come and feed their horses.  We decided to just stay the night, which was kind of funny because it was probably the coldest […]

The Second First Pregnancy Post

It seems crazy that I’m already pregnant again.  What’s even crazier is to think about how really, my two kids aren’t going to really be THAT close in age.  28 months isn’t all that close compared to other families.  It’s pretty standard.  I have friends who have had their kids as close to 11 months […]

And then there were four.

Hi friends.  In case you missed it, Oatmeal and I shared some big news today! That’s right!  Lola is almost 10 weeks pregnant! To say we are excited is an understatement.  I’ve been excited since I found out in late November.  Keeping this thing a secret until 9 weeks was a challenge.  I don’t know […]

Poppyseed’s Birth Story

Update:  I originally published this as a password protected post.  It’s a little personal, and so I wanted to make sure that readers really wanted to read it.  I didn’t want it to be like watching that Movie Knocked Up (the unedited version) and not knowing that they were going to show Katherine Heigl actually […]