Poppyseed is 3 Years Old.

Dear Poppyseed, You turned three this week.  THREE.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fast this life of yours is passing me by.  I have been keeping a list of things that I just love and want to remember about these days with you.  Let’s jump right in. From the time you were […]

Baby Middle is 8 Months Old

I know I just wrote a novel about Baby Middle’s illness last week, but I can’t ignore the calendar – it’s also time for a post about his 8 month milestones! I just read the blog post that I wrote when Poppyseed turned 8 months old.  I was just laughing and shaking my head, because […]

Lola Flew the Coop! (and everyone survived)

On Friday afternoon I just about hit my emotional limit. I had been planning a weekend away for a few months now.  I have a couple of really great girlfriends who are about to welcome new babies, and I really wanted to see them before the babies migrated from the inside to the outside!  It […]

Life is Smooth Sailing and Middle is 7 Months Old

I think that we are all beginning to hit our stride. Baby Middle is now 7 months old!  I love, love, love this age! I am still trying to figure out his personality.  I thought he was so feisty when he was a tiny thing, but now that I see him growing out of his […]

Baby Middle is 6 Months Old

On February 11, our baby boy turned 6 months old! Baby Middle is now weighing in at just over 20 pounds.  The week of his birthday, he did two new things.  First of all, he tasted real food for the very first time.  I gave him avocado mixed with breast milk, and it certainly appeared […]

The Journey to Sleep Despite Middle’s Reflux

Oh geez.  It’s been a month since I posted anything. Why, you ask? Sleep deprivation.  That is why. Thankfully that all seems to be turning around.  Last weekend Baby Middle turned 6 months old.  We gave him a few teaspoons of avocado as his very first food.  To my delight, he actually slept for 7 […]

The Three Month Sleep Update.

Today it’s been just me and the nugget.  Oatmeal took Poppyseed to his brother’s house in Cypress for the day, and they should be back soon.  I had a long list of things that I wanted to do before they got home, but as anyone with a young baby can probably understand, I’ll be doing […]

Dear Baby Middle, You’re 9 Weeks Old

Howdy son, It’s your mommy.  You’re 9 weeks old this week.  I wanted to write you this little letter to let you know how things are going and how much we love you. Your dad and I agree that you are beginning to fill out.   Your face, arms, belly, and thighs are all plumping […]

This is the truth and I’m sticking to it… I haven’t slept in 8 weeks.

Mamas, I’m struggling. I like to be positive and look for the good in each season, but lately, ummmm…. yeah.  No.  Just no. I just put on headphones because I can’t hear any more crying.  I need a 5 minute break from being frustrated that I cannot.get.this.baby.to.take.a.nap.  My Pandora station is set to the Civil […]

5 Weeks Old and a Day in the Life

Yesterday our little Baby Middle was 5 weeks old! This is one of those posts that will end up in a baby book, so I apologize now for the annoying details and lack of entertainment, but this is life as we are living it!  I think that 5 weeks must be the turning point in […]